A Smoak-ing good run

LAKE PLACID - The fifth annual Mason G. Smoak 5k and Family Fun Festival drew nearly 350 runners to DeVane Park in Lake Placid on Saturday. And many more showed up just to support the cause and enjoy the hands-on exhibits. "We're here to celebrate the life of Mason Smoak," said Micah Scanga, Executive Director of the Smoak Foundation. "And every year it's bigger; every year it's better." What began as a way to simply commemorate Smoak's legacy and give back to the community has evolved into a full day of festivities. Along with the race, there were bounce houses for youngsters, a silent auction, a Color Splash sponsored by the 4-H Club, and lots of food. All proceeds raised by the event go to the foundation, which in turn funds scholarships and community partnerships to benefit youth in the tri-county area.
The foundation's flagship program, Youth Leadership Highlands, allows for students from Highlands County schools to gain exposure to different businesses in order to build their leadership skills. "The supporters, sponsors, and donors of our foundation make this all possible," Scanga said. "We're just blessed and very thankful. It's really exciting stuff." Sean Brown won the 5k, coming in at just under 20 minutes with a sizzling time of 19:16.5. Reagan Davenport was the Female Open Winner, finishing in 21:40.4, and fifth overall. Becky Troutman was the Female Masters Winner with a time of 24:12.4 while Darryl Wirick was the Male Masters Winner, coming in at 20:19.6. Wirick's time was also good enough for a fourth place finish overall. In the female 10 and under age group, the second youngest runner took home first place, as 7-year-old Kinsley White finished with a time of 24:46.8. Shayla Cox followed her in second place at 26:18.5 while Abby Green finished third in 31:30.5. Savannah Oldfield won the 11-14 class, coming in at 25:47.5. Keelan Bevis placed second in 26:48.7 and Emily Browner was third with a time of 28:24.5 From the 15-18 age group, Gabby Perez edged Julia Van Fleet for first place, finishing with a time of 25:14.4 to Van Fleet's 26:38.7. Nicole Moore was third at 27:07.5 Kassie Canevari captured first place in the 19-24 class, and was the only runner to finish in under 30 minutes, completing the trek in 29:14.1. Claudia Candejas was second with a time of 31:34.5 while Lauren Bush came in third at 32:15. In the 25-29 age group, Deanne Cassels finished first at 31:15.1. Janet Barber followed her in second place with a time of 32:37.5 and Vania Walters was third in 40:03.9. Courtney Brown won the 30-34 class with a time of 28:47.4; Holly Cameron was second in 29:19.7; and Samantha Price finished third with a time of 31:17.3. Stephanie White breezed to first place in the 35-39 age group. White's time of 24:58.5 was nearly two minutes better than Misty Forsee, who came in second at 26:47.8. Theresa Juliano was third with a time of 27:32.7. Foundation partner Kym Smoak captured first place in the 40-44 class, coming in at 26:02.2. She was followed by Jamie and Niki Brown, who finished with times of 27:41.6 and 28:06.1 respectively. Laura Thompson edged Mary Andrews in the 45-49 age group, as Thompson finished first with a time of 28:12.1 to Andrews' 29:08.4 Dana O'Rourke was third in 33:05.6. Lisa Foster and Sheri Bates were the only runners to finish in under 30 minutes in the 50-54 age group, as Foster took home first place with a time of 27:32.9 while Bates came in second in 29:23.7. Teresa Grooms placed third at 30:15.4. In the 55-59 class, Debi Marine came in first with a time of 33:07.4. Barb Sheasley followed her in second at 37:56.9 while Shirley Whitsitt was third in 38:44.6. Out of five runners in the 60-64 age group, Peggy Essex-Klammer finished first at 31:36.3. Jackie Moore was second in 37:52.9 and Jo Collier was third in 40:56.7. Mary Rucker was the only runner in the 65-69 class, and she finished with a respectable time of 36:11.8. The 70-74 age group had just two runners, with Vivian Johnson finishing in 27:07.4 while Audrey Smith came in at 42:12.1. On the men's side, Zachary Van Fleet won the 10 and under age group with a time of 24:41.7. Van Fleet's time was just good enough to edge fellow 8-year-old Zander Durastanti, who finished in 24:45. Cash Smoak placed third in 27:25.8. The male 10 and class was also the largest group of the race, fielding 34 runners. Dylan Branch won the 11-14 age group, finishing with a time of 20:15.2 that was also good enough for third overall. Zackary Durastanti was second in 20:33.2 while Scott Sigrist placed third in 20:54.3. In the 15-18 class, Prentiss Legree captured first place with a time of 22:41.6. Gabriel Mercer edged Zach Waters for second place, finishing in 23:47.1 to Waters' 23:48.2. Damyan Byrd won the 19-24 age group, finishing in 23:23.2. Justin Chin was second with a time of 26:43.7 and Brad Perry came in third with a time of 29:14.3. Coming in at second overall and winning the 25-29 class was Richard Flores, who finished in 19:35.2. Flores was the only other runner besides Brown to finish in under 20 minutes. Brent Moseur was second in the group, coming in at 23:33.1, while Darryl White was third in 24:13.2. Only four runners competed in the 30-34 age group. Mark Sevigny captured first place with a time of 33:23.2; Jesus Garcia was second in 34:21.3; and J.D. Langford was third in 39:44.2. In the 35-39 class, Bert Cox finished first in 21:40.4. Jacob McClelland was second in 22:38.5, and Wade Ulrey was third with a time of 23:24.7. Jason Cloud edged Ron Bednosky to capture the 40-44 class. Cloud finished in 26:04.1 to Bednosky's 26:07.4 to secure first place. Scott Dressel was third in 27:52.6. Brian Gray placed first in the 45-49 age group with a time of 26:00.4. Drew Severance followed him in second at 27:53.1, while Chris Goodwin came in third at 30:41.1. John Shoop won the 50-54 class wit ha time of 27:14.6; Chris Beach placed second in 28:55.4; and Kenneth Edwards was third in 32:29.1. In the 55-59 age group, David Drach breezed to a 21:52.8 finish to capture first place. David Scanga was second in 26:25.7, and Jimmy Pell was third with a time of 27:41.6. Anthony DeRogatis won the 60-64 class, finishing with a time of 23:39.8; Frank Dalto was second in 23:58.4; and Randall Severn was third in 26:56.7. Out of three runners in the 65-69 class, Richard Rucker finished first in 27:51.6, followed by Ronald Sevigny in second at 36:28.1, while Bruce Braswell brought up the rear with a time of 47:55.3. Charles Reynolds was the only participant in the 70-74 age group, finishing at 45:42.4. The eldest runner of the day was 76-year-old Harold Smith, the sole member of the 75-79 class, who finished with a stellar time of 29:30.9. bhoward@highlandstoday.com 863-386-5841