A variety of running

SEBRING - The sixth annual Hammock Half Marathon and 5K Run/Walk attracted more than 200 participants who enjoyed the less than frigid conditions at Highlands Hammock State Park on Saturday morning.

Trevor Doty was the overall male winner in the 5K event with a time of 21 minutes, 56 seconds, while John Place was the masters winner in 23:32 and Frank Brume finished first in the male grand masters class in 25:32.

"This is our biggest turnout with more than 200 people," said event coordinator Chet Brojek. "We started this as our second fundraiser for the park (the other is the Turkey Trot) - the Friends of Highlands Hammock - and people wanted to go a longer distance so we came up with the half marathon.

"But then I thought that some people might not be able to do a half, maybe they could do a relay. Their exchanges marks are in the park and they slap hands instead of exchange batons. It's pretty informal."

In the male 9-under age group, Zander Durastanti won with a time of 24:00, Chase Bryant placed second at 30:39 and Austin Ulm was third in 45:51.

Male 10-13 age group saw Chase Doty win in 22:08, Scottie Meeks was second at 23:03 and Seth McCAll came in third in 23:37.

Dale Nelson won the male 14-19 category in 43:39, Brandon Gunn was first in the male 20-24 age group in 26:27 and Thomas Spiker won the male 25-29 division in 28:31 while Mitch Cooper placed second at 32:52.

In the male 30-34 age group, Jeremy Vincent was first in 27:07, Eric Marshall was second in 27:42 and Henry Bryant finished third at 31:52.

In the male 75-79 division, Harold Smith was first in 29:55 and Bert Horwitz won the male 80-over group in 55:34.

Tabitha Spiker was the overall female winner in 23:02, Lisa Foster was the female masters champ at 26:45 and Sharon Griffin won the female grand masters division in 31:10.

Hailey Bryant was first in the female 9-under age group in 35:11, Rachel Sharp was first in the female 10-13 category in 24:36, Leilani McMillan placed second in 33:44 and Nyssa Gunthorp was third at 38:50.

In the female 14-19 division, Amaia Unanue finished first in 30:34, Meghan Williams was second at 43:39 and Chelsea Bassett came in third with a 48:27.

Erica Resendiz won the female 20-24 category in 24:21 and Katiana Ortiz was second at 29:23.

Lacie Bovard was first in the female 25-29 age group with a 31:58.

Tracy Bamford won the female 45-49 division in 33:37, Sharon Gunthorp placed second at 40:02 and Marlene Rosario was third in 41:20.

In the female 55-59 age group, Leesa Skipper was first in 30:31, Tisa Morissette came in second at 31:14 and Debbie Webber finished third in 32:18.

Lois Hotchkiss won the female 70-74 age group in 35:02 and Julianne Creed placed second at 50:47.

In the female 75-79 age group, Audrey Smith was first in 43:23, Janice Brume placed second at 46:31 and Janice Coyle came in third at 50:07.

Regan Davenport was the overall female winner of the half marathon in a time of 1 hour, 42 minutes, 45 seconds, Laura Griffin was the female masters winner in 1:51:26 and Elena Febre was the female grand masters winner in 2:34:49.

In the female 10-19 age group, Allie Mann was first in 1:54:14, Christen Pyles placed second at 2:21:54 and Erin Lamb came in third in 2:21:55.

Hilary Fiocca won the female 25-29 division in 2:45:09. Krista Schult was first in the female 30-34 category in 1:54:19, Lindsey smith claimed second at 2:09:29 and Amy Zwayer was third in 2:11:24.

Matt Schult was the overall male winner in the half marathon in a time of 1:24:13, Josh Zahller was the male masters winner at 1:32:20 and Tom Lucas was the male grand masters winner in 1:53:14.

Lukas High won the male 10-19 age group in 1:28:05, Zachary Durastanti was second at 1:42:10 and Chandler Gowan was third in 1:53:57.

In the male 50-54 division, Mike Lee was first in 2:00:31, Darrell Jensen placed second at 2:03:46 and Curtis Schaper came in third at 2:13:42.

Charlie Potter won the male 60-64 age group in 2:18:09 and Terry Engle was first in the male 65-69 category with a 1:59:54.

The half marathon team event was won by Team Rankin with members Eric Rankin, Justin Chin, Cole Rankin and Ken Bazzel finishing with a time of 1:53:36. Vanfleet-Cox placed second in a time of 2:00:17 with members Julia Van Fleet, Zachary Van Fleet, Shayla Cox and Bud Cox.

Sebring High was third in 2:01:08 with a foursome consisting of Ashley Castelli, Katie Stoll, Sarahi Rivera and Kimber Harris.