India vows swift justice after African student killed

India has promised swift punishment after a student from Congo was fatally attacked by three men in New Delhi
Updated: 4 hours ago

UN: Food aid reaches 41.9 percent of those besieged in Syria

A United Nations report says food deliveries have reached nearly half the civilians trapped in besieged areas of Syria, but much more remains to be done
Updated: 5 hours ago

Israel's Netanyahu adds hard-liner to coalition

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu names one of Israel's most polarizing politicians as defense minister, solidifying his parliamentary majority at the risk of antagonizing the international community and his own military _ clouding hopes for peace talks
Updated: 6 hours ago

Recordings put pressure on allies of Brazil's acting leader

Secretly recorded conversations hit two more key allies of Brazil's acting president, leaving the country wondering if there are more taps that could affect the interim government after only 13 days in office
Updated: 6 hours ago

UN envoy says radically more must be done for Mideast peace

The U.N.'s top Mideast envoy says Palestinians in Gaza are growing ever more desperate
Updated: 6 hours ago

UN lifts last sanctions on Liberia in sign of support

The U.N. Security Council votes unanimously to lift the last remaining sanctions on Liberia
Updated: 7 hours ago

UN health agency gets OK for revamp of emergency response

Stung by failures in its response to Ebola, the World Health Organization is revamping how it responds to emergencies to become nimbler
Updated: 7 hours ago

Gisele Bundchen to fight illegal animal trafficking

Gisele Bundchen is fighting for sea turtles as part of UN program targeting illegal wildlife trafficking
Updated: 7 hours ago

Colombia: Missing journalist may not be hostage of rebels

Colombia's president says a Spanish journalist missing in a lawless region might not be a hostage of leftist rebels as has been widely thought in this war-weary country, but instead is reporting from inside a rebel camp
Updated: 8 hours ago

Artist makes Louvre Pyramid disappear in optical illusion

French street artist JR has made the famous Louvre Pyramid in Paris disappear in an optical illusion
Updated: 8 hours ago