Lake Placid woman searches for answers about birth mother
Michelle Pickering sits in her kitchen in her home near Lake Placid. Pickering, adopted as Michelle Bonfiglio, set out to find her biological mother in 1991. Coincidentally, Priscilla Morgan, Michelle’s then 40-year-old mother, passed away in May of that year. Finally, in 2011, Michelle found her mother’s headstone, and after leaving a dedication to her mother on the “Find a Grave” website, she was contacted by someone who had known her mother. Utah resident Carol Lewis contacted Michelle in 2015, sending her a wallet and drivers license that had belonged to Priscilla Morgan, as well as some photos of Lewis’ mother alongside Morgan. Through records requests and the artifacts sent from Carol Lewis, Michelle found out she was originally called Cynthia Morgan and plans to legally change her first name back to Cynthia now that she feels that she has truly found her real mother.
LAKE PLACID — Growing up in an Italian family, blonde-haired Michelle Lynn Morgan Pickering noticed she didn’t have some of the physical characteristics...
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