The breathtaking moments of parenthood

One day and 19 years ago, I was recovering in a hospital bed, exhausted, in pain and desperate to see my baby girl.
Published: 07/21/16
Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Fansler for sheriff
Published: 07/21/16

Knotty world problems with no real answers

Here’s a recap on the world: The Republican GOP speech heated up the election with its loud opinions and echoing thoughts this week, as Hillary Clinton tried to hang tight with her NAACP speech.
Published: 07/20/16

A quote collector shares his treasures

I love quotes. I have been a quotes person for as long as I can remember. I think the first quote I memorized was, “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”
Published: 07/19/16

This is not just another election

While enjoying my peaceful golf cart ride on a beautiful, sunny morning along a tree-lined street in our well-manicured retirement community, another resident stopped me to tell me about the “terrible day” he was having.
Published: 07/18/16

Intrigued by the tiny living style

Have you ever thought to yourself, “This house I live in is too large. I want to become a minimalist, and live off of the land rather than depending on processed goods for survival?”
Published: 07/18/16

Nothing like a good read

I love to read, so much so that it hardly matters what else needs doing; reading will usually win out. I have several favorite writers but I also love discovering new ones. I don’t stick to just one genre or even one time period. I just love e...
Published: 07/17/16

Letters to the editor

Thanks to police, fire workers
Published: 07/17/16

Getting ready to go to work

My son is turning 16 soon. It seems like the years have flown by. He was recently told by a friend’s mother that he may be able to earn a job at the hotel she currently works.
Published: 07/16/16

Is accuracy worth the trouble?

It was my own fault. I did not re-read my draft carefully enough after typing out the version I would send to the newspaper.
Published: 07/15/16