Memories can hurt

Memories are powerful, especially childhood memories. No matter how old I get, certain childhood memories are so strong they can burst forth as fresh as this morning’s dew, especially when triggered by something simple like a familiar smell or...
Published: 04/24/16

Prince was a revolution in my childhood

When I was a kid terrorizing the neighborhood on my bicycle, it was the 1980s. Back then, we were the lost youth who were going nowhere and sure to amount to nothing.
Published: 04/23/16

Great expectations

It was not difficult for me to dream up a wonderful motto when I launched a political campaign to be elected Highlands County Superintendent of Schools in 1986. That’s when I adopted a slogan that clearly expresses my philosophy of education &...
Published: 04/22/16

Letters to the editor

Don’t cut the GI Bill
Published: 04/22/16

Pearls of wisdom

Who is within your circle of influence? If you don’t have any senior friends, you are missing out.
Published: 04/21/16

Letters to the editor

The evils of beverage alcohol
Published: 04/21/16

Continued success of IB program is refreshing

We remember not too long ago how Highlands County was abuzz with news of an incoming academically rigorous high school curriculum called the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. We learned the worldwide program was based in Geneva (hence th...
Published: 04/20/16

The ultimate and unsung IB mom

Thursday night as we all gathered in the Chateau Elan, you could smell the strong perfumes and marvel at the dresses and be amazed by the people in them. Simply decorated but elaborately planned, last week was one of the most pivotal nights for the I...
Published: 04/20/16

Hmm! What do tax preparers do during the off-season?

What do H&R Block employees do during the off season? As someone who has been in the workforce for a relatively short time, even I have learned that in Highlands County there is a definite distinction between the season and the off-season.
Published: 04/18/16

Sometimes opportunity drops in

When I was a sophomore in high school a disaster happened that changed my life — the roof of our town’s junior high school collapsed. The building had been slated for demolition as soon as a new one could be built, but the roof couldn&#...
Published: 04/17/16