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Highlands County’s top 50 vendors

Tuesday, Jul 26, 2016 -

SEBRING — Last year, Highlands County paid $1,288,191 to Duke Energy and $124,707 to Glades Electric.

No wrong door

Saturday, Jul 23, 2016 -

Highlands County Sheriff Susan Benton read the day-shift report at 6:40 p.m. Friday. In the past 12 hours, the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office had been called about...

Citizens want to pay to pave road, but county can’t get it done

Friday, Jul 22, 2016 -

Highlands County has about 700 miles of unpaved roads, Road and Bridge Supervisor Kyle Green said in a meeting two weeks ago. In the past, the county has paved residential streets if homeowners paid half. But it’s...

TDC relents on ‘VisitSebring’ logo

Thursday, Jul 21, 2016 -

– After arguing for more than a month, the Tourist Development Council tentatively compromised Thursday on four counts: the “VisitSebring” logo will go back to t...

Solid waste assessment to be 50% more?

Wednesday, Jul 20, 2016 -

A notice to be mailed to Highlands County residents on July 27 may say the $130 solid waste assessment will go to $195.

‘Visit Sebring’ logo approval tabled

Tuesday, Jul 19, 2016 -

— Lake Placid Greater Chamber of Commerce officials may have gotten what they needed Tuesday, but it wasn’t what they wanted.

Clinton Howerton is new county engineer

Tuesday, Jul 19, 2016 -

— An engineer who has been working with Sun ‘n Lake and Polston Engineering has been hired as the next Highlands County engineer. Clinton Howerton Jr. of Avon Park will...

It’s our county, let’s walk it

Friday, Jul 15, 2016 -

Four years ago, while curating the South Florida State College Museum of Florida Art and Culture, Mollie Doctrow had an idea to honor plants. “I wanted to create an outdoor artwork installation out there where peo...

Sun ‘n Lake cases winding down

Saturday, Jul 16, 2016 -

— Prosecution of the last of the three Sun ‘n Lake supervisors accused of violating the open meetings law will be deferred 90 days.

Asphalt plant was controversial

Thursday, Jul 14, 2016 -

— When Highlands County bought an asphalt plant in 2007, the move was controversial to commissioners, the two asphalt plant owners in the county and a citizen’s group. ...

AP Bombing Range added to Sentinel Landscape Partnership

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2016 -

— More than $8 million has been committed to enhance 1,926 acres at Avon Park Air Force Range. On Tuesday, the 105,000-acre base in Highlands and Polk counties was named one...

Low-cost rides for disadvantaged

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2016 -

— The budget to transport Highlands County’s disabled children and adults has nearly tripled over the past four years. And because the Avon Park-Sebring population has ...

‘Mr. FFA,’ Gary Lee, mentor to generations, died Thursday

Friday, Jul 8, 2016 -

Four new restaurants open

Thursday, Jul 7, 2016 -

The name of the business is Authentic Cuban Food. So, says Jacquelin Lazo, that’s what to expect.

Housing market expands

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2016 -

Two years ago, Highlands County residences averaged half the year on the real estate market.

County budget: $131 million

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2016 -

— Commissioners got their first chance on Tuesday to discuss a proposed $130.9 million budget that would be $7.7 million smaller than the current year, but would raise employe...

Best and worst states for teen drivers

Monday, Jul 4, 2016 -

It may relieve parents to know that Florida rates first in quality of roads and eighth in the number of teen DUIs.

County continues to buy easements

Friday, Jul 1, 2016 -

Since 1995, Highlands County has collected more than $1.1 million in fees to buy easements around the Avon Park Air Force Range.

Property values are up

Thursday, Jun 30, 2016 -

— It’s time for some good, hard, economic news in Highlands County, and Raymond McIntyre has it: property values are up 2.8 percent.

Beruff offers Republicans a choice

Wednesday, Jun 29, 2016 -

“Members of his family risked their lives trying to bring freedom to Cuba,” Events Chair John Larson introduced Carlos Beruff to the Highlands County Tea Party...

Can Highlands County control Zika?

Sunday, Jun 26, 2016 -

Is it possible to control the Zika virus in Highlands County?

Highlands County grew rapidly from 1970 to 1990

Saturday, Jun 25, 2016 -

SEBRING — When Richard Farmer looks around Highlands County today, he sees growth. And lots of white heads. “Or bald heads, like me.”

Former Lake Placid soldier gets 3rd Purple Heart

Friday, Jun 24, 2016 -

LAKE PLACID — Doug Tuck always knew he had three Purple Hearts coming, but his discharge records from the U.S. Army only showed two.

One candidate doesn’t qualify for sheriff

Friday, Jun 24, 2016 -

And just like that, the sheriff’s race is down to seven.

TDC changes ‘Visit Highlands County’ to ‘Visit Sebring’

Thursday, Jun 23, 2016 -

It’s not official yet, but the Tourist Development Council adopted a logo Thursday morning that will say, “Visit Sebring” instead of “Visit Highl...

It’s qualifying week

Wednesday, Jun 22, 2016 -

The question on everyone’s lips, “What will Marco do?” was answered Wednesday morning, and just in time for Qualifying Week in Florida.

Commissioner blasts citizen over school sales tax

Tuesday, Jun 21, 2016 -

County Commissioner Greg Harris blasted a man who opposes the proposed half-cent sales tax for schools.

Edna Pearce Lockett Estate: How much longer will it last?

Friday, Jun 17, 2016 -

– A year ago, Edna Pearce Lockett’s estate appeared on “Abandoned Florida.”

Worker’s comp rates could jump 17%

Thursday, Jun 16, 2016 -

After a Florida Supreme Court ruling last month struck down a limit on attorney’s fees, workers-compensation insurance rates could go up 17.1 percent.

Bear hunt protested in Sebring

Saturday, Jun 18, 2016 -

“Are y’all doing cocaine!” That’s what one woman in a VW Bug shouted Saturday morning at Jim Moat of Sebring. “You must be doing cocaine i...

New law encourages grove owners to kill diseased trees

Wednesday, Jun 15, 2016 -

St. Lucie is — or at least was — Florida’s eighth-largest citrus producing county. Highlands County is the fourth largest.

County is saturated

Tuesday, Jun 14, 2016 -

— First there was a wet winter, then the rainy season has gotten an early start, and then there was Tropical Storm Colin. Highlands County residents have gotten a little worri...

Rural broadband network fails

Friday, Jun 10, 2016 -

A rural network which was supposed to bring broadband to the masses has dissolved after accepting $24 million in federal grants.

Engineers accepted $46,000 change order to avoid delay

Friday, Jun 10, 2016 -

— Why did Highlands County residents foot the bill for a $46,000 change order to a roof over the law enforcement facility, which is being built on Eucalyptus Avenue?

Case dismissed against SNL supervisor

Thursday, Jun 9, 2016 -

The case against one of the three Sun ’n Lake supervisors accused of violating the Florida Government in the Sunshine Laws was dismissed Thursday afternoon.

County to look at unpaved roads

Tuesday, Jun 7, 2016 -

SEBRING — To residents who struggle to drive down their own roads during the rainy season, the Highlands County commissioners offered hope.

25 percent of Highlands still has no health insurance

Friday, Jun 3, 2016 -

— Two years after the Affordable Health Care Act required most Americans to either buy insurance or pay a penalty, a quarter of Highlands County residents are still uninsured....

Grove owners are replanting

Friday, Jun 3, 2016 -

— Everyone knows the horror story: canker, greening and other forms of pestilence have cut citrus production in half. If the USDA forecast comes true, Florida will produce one...

Two women will represent GOP, Dems in July at national conventions

Wednesday, Jun 1, 2016 -

SEBRING — Highlands County residents can watch for familiar faces when they tune into the Democratic and Republican national conventions in late July.

Did we have more northern visitors this year?

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 -

— Did Highlands County have more northern visitors this year?

Locals suggest tourism ideas

Monday, May 30, 2016 -

— Among Highlands County’s visitors are a couple from Denmark, Tourism Director Casey Hartt told the Tourist Development Council Thursday.

Candidates raising thousands in campaign cash

Monday, May 30, 2016 -

— Four local political candidates are raising hundreds of thousands of dollars even though they have no or token opposition.

Lake Placid Class of 2016 starts new chapter

Sunday, May 29, 2016 -

— Finally, it was 1 p.m., and the time came Saturday for closing books and long-last looks.

Sebring High graduates 100th class

Saturday, May 28, 2016 -

— “It’s time,” said Susan Whitehead, Sebring High School’s senior sponsor.