Letters to the editor

The common denominator The common denominator and the key to understanding politics is that politicians will do, say and vote or not vote for whatever it takes to get elected and stay elected regardless of whether it's good for our country or not. The rewriting of our immigration laws is an example(politicians and the press call it immigration reform). Both political parties and candidates don't want to miss out on the "Hispanic vote," so let's rewrite our laws so the term illegal immigrant ceases to exist or will be labeled as profiling.
The administration hasn't enforced the laws we have now, which created the problem to begin with, so why do this? Votes! Whether it's good for our country or not. Even our conservative senator Marco Rubio is pushing "immigration reform." Why? Votes, to get re-elected or maybe make a run for the presidential nomination. Even the national union leadership is pushing the rewrite. Why? Votes and new members to fill their pension fund coffers. People say illegal aliens are only taking the jobs the American workers don't want or won't do. That's partially true because the American workers who would have done those jobs in the past are all on welfare, making more money with food stamps and free health benefits, while doing nothing. The last significant deportation of illegal aliens was done by President Eisenhower to make more jobs for American soldiers returning home from war. Back then if you didn't have a job you were happy with any job no matter what it was. Those times are gone. Illegal aliens are not stupid people and they will be on those welfare rolls as soon as our immigration rewrite makes them eligible, which my guess would be about the same time they can vote. Guess who pays for millions more on welfare? Why do you think Europe is going broke? Is this good for the country? I think not! Another example is Jim McDermott, the representative from Seattle, who says that posting the names and faces of the most wanted terrorists is racist because they are all Muslims. Guess what? Seattle has a large Muslim population and is the sister city to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, which is predominantly Muslim. Why would a guy like McDermott make such an obviously dumb comment? You guessed it! Votes and or campaign contributions. You can take almost any political issue and apply the "get elected" test to it. It would be funny if you could get over the sobering effect of our country and its values being destroyed from within while we sit by and watch. John Booth Avon Park