Letters to the editor

Taxation without representation
An article in the Tribune stated the IRS gave its employees $70 million in bonuses.
The radio news proclaimed it costs us taxpayers $15 billion a year just in IRS administrative costs. How much bonus did your job give you? Do you even have a job? On PBS, they said the imbalance ratio between rich and poor in this country is at its worst ever in the history of our nation - even worse than it was during the Depression.
We taxpayers need to stand our ground and demand a flat tax system. This way, everybody pays the same tax rate and not just us few who pay for the parasites and the baby makers out there, while corporations like Apple pay virtually no tax and have their products made overseas.
There is no accountability with the current tax system. This is unacceptable in our republic which brags to the world how free we are. By the way, the United States is a republic and not a democracy. The IRS would not exist in a true democracy.
I do not want my hard-earned tax money going into the pockets of some undeserving IRS bureaucrats, much less the other dregs out there our tax money gets wasted on.
Taxation without representation. Where have I heard that before?
Jerry Nargelovic