Correction The author of the letter, "Stop bullying" on Wednesday, Oct. 30 was misidentified. It was written by Jane M. McDonough. We apologize for the error. Getting ugly Mr. Obama is the architect of our destruction, which I personally think is at hand. He is a man of resentment, anger and disdain for opinions other than his own. For a president, he shows no love for this country, the people, its traditions or customs. Much of his time is spent creating dissension among the people. He is an expert at creating chaos by which he keeps the people separated.
The country is on the edge of anarchy as people are becoming more aggresive towards each other. Just note the increase in crime among and committed by our young people. It almost seems like killing is becoming a way of life with the younger generation. The furor created by Obamacare has shown the president to be an artful prevaricator - in street language, a liar. This so-called health plan is really a plan for redistributing the wealth and killing capitalism. It is a plan to bring this country down by destroying good jobs and impoverishing the middle class, as well as the population in general. The Democrats and Republicans had better realize what Obamacare really is, or in a couple of years there will be no political parties. This once great country will never be the "shining light" of the impoverished and beaten down peoples of the world. The very sad thing is that Obamacare is presently winning. Dick Ford Sebring Stand your ground After reading the Oct. 30 issue, I just have to ask, what in the world were you thinking of when you published the article "Trayvon's Mom: Clarify Stand Your Ground"? What a piece of rubbish and a waste of newspaper space. Who were you trying to appease? The left anti-gun crowd? The ones that promote racial division? Obama? (After all he was his son). I first have to take the news media to task for playing the sympathy game for "poor lil' Trayvon." The media constantly portrayed him as a sweet, innocent, angelic kid by using that picture of him when he was 13 years old. Nowhere did they mention that he was a thug and a thief and more. Mother Sybrina is in your article squawking about the Stand Your Ground Law. Where was she when Trayvon was thrown out of school multiple times? Or when he was burglarizing homes and caught with stolen jewelry? Where was she when he started being a doper? Or when he was sent off to live with his father's main squeeze in Orlando? As for the Stand Your Ground Law, it's the best thing that ever happened for the honest homeowner. It simply means that you do not have to retreat when you are threatened. End of discussion. This had been tried to turn into a race issue, but that didn't work because Zimmerman was Hispanic. John Lukondi Lorida