Blue Streaks knock off Mustangs

The Sebring Blue Streak bowling teams traveled to Wekiva on Wednesday to take on Wekiva High School. The match was held at Brunswick Zone Wekiva Lanes and it started with a roar! The Blue Streak boys team set the pace by scoring a whopping 1,096 (a 219.2 average) in game 1 of the match which consisted of two regular games of bowling and three Baker style games. Total pinfall for the five games would determine the champions. The Streaks lightning strike was led by J. C. Bowen who started with a string of seven strikes to blast out a 256 game, the highest score of the day. Close behind was David Daniels, the overall average leader for the Blue Streak boys. Daniels struck nine out of a possible 12 times to roll 246. Thorsten Przychocki also had a great start with a 216, along with Nick Brod at 195 and Carl Daniels at 183.
The Wekiva Mustangs weren't phased by the lightning bolts directed their way, as they posted a game 1 score of 1,042, a 208.4 average. Three of the five Wekiva players had scores over 223. In game two, the Blue Streak boys were again shown the way by Daniels who anchored the team with a 223. Bowen scored again with a fine 203 and Przychocki kept his 200 streak going with a 201. Carl Daniels bounced back with a 198 and Nick Brod rounded out the team with a 178. Game 2 ended with a 1,003 total for the Streaks edging out Wekiva who posted a 958 total. The Blue Streaks were consistent in Baker match play with games of 191, 189, and 186, but Wekiva refused to give up, posting scores of 196, 224 and 199. In spite of the fine finish by Wekiva, the Blue Streaks took home victory with a 2,665 total over Wekiva's 2,619. The match was a great example of high quality high school bowling and fine sportsmanship demonstrated by both teams. David Daniels edged out J.C. Bowen for the top overall score, averaging 234.5 in regular format play. A noteworthy performance was made by William Brunner who was in reserve, but shot a 255 game on the practice lanes. While the boys did battle, the Blue Streak girls were also sending out their own storm clouds with Adrianna Stacy leading the team with a 200 game followed by Marissa Andujar with a nice 171 and Katryanna Barina with 155. They were supported by Jessica Chaney with 133 and Tejal Desai with 92. After game 1, the Lady Streaks led Wekiva by 44 pins. In game two, Adrianna Stacy held the team together with 171, again followed by Marissa Andujar with a 143. Jessica Chaney was consistent at 132 with Katryanna Barina and Tejal Desai at 121 and 104, respectively. The Streaks lost the lead in game two when Wekiva picked up 54 pins to go into the Baker format with a 10-pin advantage. Sebring fought back with Baker victories of 158 to 148; 163 to 132 and 167 to 136 to capture the victory with a 62-pin margin (1,910 to 1,848). After the victory everyone was treated to birthday cake as Nick Brod celebrated his special day. Even the Wekiva bowlers were able to share in the party. The Blue Streaks will face Martin County at Stuart Lanes when they travel to their next match on October 8.