Bucket lists are not for tomorrow

It seems as though often times the stereotypical advice that gets looked over is the most valuable; take "live life to the fullest" for example. Everyone is given one life and expected to make the most of it. You never know when that opportunity will come to an end, and whether or not you will be satisfied with the life you lived - but people fail to realize this. There are several clichéd quotes on this subject reminding people to "live each day like it's your last" and "seize the day," but these suggestions are usually brushed off. However, in the world we live in today, these clichés are becoming increasingly important. In the past year or so, our world has been struck with too many tragedies to mention. From the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, to the Boston Bombings, to the deadly wildfire in Arizona, Americans have been hit hard. When tragic events like these happen across our nation and world, it's easy to feel sad for a day or two and forget they ever happened. While the rest of the world pushes these awful events to the back of their minds those directly affected are haunted by them.
It is much harder to forget about a tragedy, however, when it happens close to home. Last week, a gas plant in Lake County, Fla., exploded, critically injuring some of its employees. This event traumatized families and lives only a few hours away from ours. Imagine if Highlands County were hit with this kind of tragedy - our feeling of safety and security shaken. Would you wish you had spent more time with your family or chased after that crazy dream? With all of the hardships our world has been facing, it only seems fit that people plan out the things they hope to accomplish before they die. These plans are called bucket lists. They allow people to set out a list of things they hope to achieve in their lifetimes, no matter how large or ridiculous the goals may seem. Some people have simple things on their bucket lists - such as spending more time with their children or have a job they truly enjoy. However ,most bucket lists consist of more daring tasks - skydiving or bungee jumping. By putting pen to paper and actually writing down life goals, it becomes more real. While I personally do not have a set- in -stone bucket list, I certainly have things I wish to do in my lifetime. An episode of one of my favorite television shows, Full House, describes a similar situation. One of the characters, Uncle Jessie, is set to marry his fiancé Rebecca. As sort of a last hurrah before getting married, he decides to go skydiving the day of his wedding. Although this is not the traditional bucket list situation, Jessie looks at it as if his single life is "ending" and his married life is beginning. He ends up getting caught in a tree and being extremely late to his own wedding. If Jessie had gone skydiving before the day of his wedding, he would not have ended up in that predicament. This is a perfect example of why we should not wait for an excuse to live out our dreams in life. We should, as the saying goes, "live every day like it's our last;" people ignore this stereotypical advice far too often. If everyone used a bucket list as a guide for their daily lives rather than waiting for an excuse to use it, our lives would be filled with much less regret.