Cold front slows down fishing

The Florida freshwater fishing forecast for the second half of the second week of February includes the full moon, a mild cold front, and challenging winds for a few days followed by ideal weather heading into the weekend.

Today strong winds will prevail out of the south and tomorrow strong winds will be out of the west-northwest, dropping temperatures to a high of 65 degrees for Thursday. Friday will be in the middle forties first thing in the morning but will climb to 70 degrees for a high. Saturday and Sunday anglers can expect the middle 70s for a daily high temperature and mild winds out of the north.

The full moon arrives on Friday which means fish will be forming daily feeding migrations during the midday and midnight hours, but also feeding as the moonset and rise occur in harmony with the sunrise and set.

With the drop in temperature, fish will be moving deeper to the warmer water late Thursday and Friday, so I predict the better period of the day to fish will be in the early afternoons and or the sunset--moonrise period.

Atmospheric pressure has been for the most part stable near 30.05 In Hg for the past three days and will remain in that range for the next three days or so.

There will be a mix of cloud cover and sunshine each day which will cause fish to adjust from close cover positions to more open areas near that same cover area. So this will have fish moving slightly and since water temperatures will remain in the ideal temperature zone of 65-70 degrees even with the cold front, fish will continue to feed in the regular patterns of the past week or so.

The major feeding migration occurs from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and a peak period near the end of the migration due to the slight temperature drop starting tomorrow. Due to the weather change, the feed intensity rating will remain near a 7-range at best and actually improve for the weekend as temperatures return to today's norms and the migration moves naturally later into the afternoon by 50 minutes daily - following the moon cycle.

The minor feeding migration occurs during the sunrise-moonset period and the sunset-moonrise period. The warmer temperatures during the evening hours will make the sunset period best of the two periods. The sunrise will trigger a feeding migration for about an hour or so and as the sun sets low in the western sky, the fish will begin to feed until darkness sets fully in.

The weekend fishing forecast will be getting back on the weather track of the past week, with daily high temperatures in the middle to upper 70s and mild easterly winds. Saturday will have dominate sunlight with a few more clouds on Sunday.

Bass Fishing Report of the past week features the second place finishers of the Highlands Bass Anglers Tournament Trail, on Lake Walk-in-Water last week. Ly Nguyen and Joel Walkup took second place with two bass weighing 12.32 pounds, anchored by a monster 10.16 pound bass caught by Joel Walkup in the bulrush. First place when to Joe Conley and Jason Walkup who weighed in three bass for a total weight of 14.30 pounds. The other six teams didn't fare out so well.

Dave Douglass is a bass fishing guide and conservationist in Central Florida. This column can be accessed in full at and Main website: Phone: 863-381-8474. Email: