Fairmount leads in senior softball

Highland county softball would like to play tribute to one of there players.

Bob Richards is a veteran of Viet Nam in 1967 where he served as a mechanic.

When honorably discharged, Richards got his pilot license in 1974 and progressed to getting his Jet pilot license in 1984.

He flew for Midway Air Lines, Laker Air Ways (flying from Orlando to London)also flew for North Eastern Air.

Richards had the honor of being a flight attendant on the Lisa Marie (Elvis plane) that now sits in Graceland as part of the museum.

The handsome Richards can be seen playing right center for the Alan Jay Red Sox.

The scores for the 60s seniors had Fairmount Services all over the Cubs by a score of 16-3.

The big bats for Fairmount Services were Gary Steeves with four hits, Steve Blazing and

Gene Phillips with three hits and Jim Holmes had two walks and a double.

Winning pitcher was Bob Poulin.

The Cubs' JR Reed, Bill Scrase and Jim Kahn smacked three hits each, Jim Guild and Frank Lantz

added two hits apiece and Todd Martin made two great catches in the outfield.

On the other field in a thriller the VFW 4300 outlasted Alan Jay by a score of 20-19, despite giving up six walks and John Kloet was the winning pitcher.

Don Dobbert went 4 for 4, with a double, Jesse Hathaway, Woody Woodward and Jim Lauzon banged out three hits each, Gary Tankersley added a triple to the attach with Ivan Taylor driving in the winning run in the last inning.

On Wednesday, the Reflections edged Alan Jay by a score of 9-8.

Reflections was paced by Ron Rieches and Gary Kindle with three hits and Greg Ramos added a double

to help Dick Osterich get the win on the mound.

Alan-Jay had Wayne McNett and Les Osbeck with three hits each.

On the other field, the VFW 4300 blew a 9-0 lead to succumb to the Cubs


The come-from-behind win was led by winning pitcher Rudy Pribble who had two big hits.

Bill Scrase smacked four hits, Frank Lantz, Dennis Mitchell and JR Reed had three hits apiece.

Jim Kahn cleared the bases with a big double. Todd Martin again played outstanding defense.

VFW 4300 had Don Dobbert with three hits, giving him eight straight hits in the last three games.

Ed Lindberg and John Miller contributed three hits each.

The standings find Fairmount Services at 5-3, Reflections, Alan Jay and the Cubs are all 4-4, while VFW 4300 are 3-5.

70s sofball league

The Highlands County 70s softball league was in action on Tuesday as VFW 4300 squeaked by the Highland Ridge by a score of 7-6.

VFW 4300 stars were Marv Kunilla with three hits, John Kloet had two hits and Andy Timmermanis earned the win on the mound.

Highland Ridge hitters were Bob Roth with four hits, Doug Hammond and Don Goodman belted out three hits each and Ross Anderson added a pair of hits.

Royal Palms edged the improving Buttonwood Bay team 14-13.

Royal Palms' Bob Flodine, Earl Evans and Gallo Gonzalex had three hits each, with Gallo getting a double among his hits. Victor Rodriquez had two hits.

Buttonwood Bay's Jim Monroe had four hits, Jim Noviss had three hits, including a triple and Fred Richardson had several hits.

KFC continued its winning ways by besting Silent Salesmen in a slugfest 22-17

Silent Salesmen trailed by nine runs and they scored nine runs in the seventh inning only

to have KFC come back with five runs to seal the victory.

Don Lariviere and Bob Fox had four hits, hot hitting Norm Grubb smacked three hits, while Ron Lewis and Jose Torres added three hits to aid winning pitcher Rudy Pribble.

The Silent Salesmen stars were JC Brown and harry Bell with four hits, while Don Day, Woody Woodward had three hits and Dick Schultz had a pair of doubles.

On Thursday, Royal Palms bats came to life with Bob Richards getting five hits, while Dick Osterich, Bob Flodine and Victor Rodriquez all with four hits.

Silent Salesmen had Dick Schultz, Dale Demer, JC Brown and Woody Woodward had two hits each and Don Day had a long triple in the losing effort.

KFC stayed one game ahead of VFW 4300 by upending Highland Ridge 16-9.

KFC once again was led by Norm Grubb's four hits, Bob Fox, Don Lariviere and Jack Definner had three hits each.

The losers had Don Goodman, Bill Todd and Charlie Quinn with three hits and John Pinna added twohits.

VFW 4300 overpowered the Buttonwood Bay team 23-11.

Don Cunningham had four hits, winning pitcher John Kloet and Gary Tankersley had four hits each, while Andy Timmermanis and Jim Longman had three hits.

Buttonwood Bay hitting stars were Moose Moosinnete, John Degren, Jim Monroe and Fred Richardson all with four hits each.

Buttonwood Bay still has the biggest following of fans who cheer them on no matter what the score is. Our hearts go out to them and wish the team well the rest of the season.