Chris Hutchins

Home is where you make it

A few weeks ago, things changed for our family. We lived in a house that was too small for my wife and I, us both being over 6 feet tall and not on the dainty side.
Published: 08/20/16

Pokemon rage is a “go-go”

“Daddy, don’t play Pokèmon while you’re driving, that’s not safe...” my daughter admonished from the passenger seat. I was guilty, literally caught “red handed” grasping the phone as I began to id...
Updated one month ago

A ‘dress’ for Father’s Day

This past Father’s Day I received an interesting gift from my wife. I wasn’t completely surprised about what she gave me although I was slightly bemused about why she gave it to me.
Updated one month ago

Summer games are good for the entire family

My little girl is still little. She’s 10 and just about to start that big growth spurt that will take her from a cute little princess to a pre-teen.
Updated: 2 months ago

Trampoline trumps alligator adventure

Summer is officially upon us and things are heating up.
Updated: 2 months ago

Dad tricks children into having fun

Any time a water park or amusement park uses the term “Lazy River” it is false advertising.
Updated: 3 months ago

For the love of cats

She was going to kill the cat; she was really going to do it this time.
Updated: 3 months ago

Dad gets best gift at daughter’s birthday

My sweet, innocent little angel of a 9-year-old vanished just a few days ago. She’s now a wrinkled and tired old 10 years of age. She said so herself.
Updated: 4 months ago

The good ole days: Cruising to the oldies

My first car was a 1964 Ford Ranchero. It was one of those combination car and truck vehicles, like the Chevy El Camino. Some people called those things a “cruck.” I wasn’t yet 16 in 1964. In fact I wasn’t even born yet. S...
Updated: 4 months ago

‘Bird’ watching in Sebring

A dramatic reduction in traffic and shorter lines at the grocery store tell me the annual population surge we lovingly refer to as “the season” has come and gone once again.
Updated: 5 months ago