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Friday, Oct 09, 2015

Chris Hutchins

Baking moments into memories

None of us gets an entire life. There is no such thing. You hear people say, “They lived their whole life in Florida.” Or, “They spent a lifetime together.” The fact is, that’s not actually true, ever. No one ever g...
Published: 10/03/15

The snowbirds are coming

It’s mid-September, and the heat of summer is beginning to abate as we move closer to autumn. The kids are back in their school routine, sunsets are coming earlier, nights are cooler and the snowbirds are on their way.
Updated one month ago

When house cats play, dogs should watch

Anyone with a pet knows that they have their unique personalities. To the uninitiated non-pet owner, it’s hard to explain how we can make a special emotional connection with a non-human. We have one cat and one dog. They are both very strange ...
Updated one month ago

Bonding over ATVs is priceless despite hiccups

Two years ago I took my son to a motorcycle park. It was a surprise ATV riding weekend at one of the biggest off-road vehicle parks in the state. He had a new machine (it was used, but new to him) that was the most powerful he has ever known, and whe...
Updated: 2 months ago

Glorious day was almost tragic

I could have lost my daughter today. She is 9 years old and just as cute as can be, but even if she wasn’t so cute, my wife and I would have been devastated. She is our daughter, our pride and joy, our responsibility. I suppose it’s tru...
Updated: 2 months ago

Happy Appreciation Day, Mom

The secret to staying young is to replace birthday celebrations with alternatives like appreciation days, just like the secret to making your Ford run forever is to remove all the Ford emblems (just kidding you loyal truck guys.) At least that’...
Updated: 3 months ago