Joyce Minor

One gift primes the pump

In 2006, John got a job as director of human resources for Broward County Transit. We were living in Alabama at the time so the new job required us to move from Tuscaloosa to Coral Springs.
Published: 08/21/16

Local is where it’s at

When I was a kid growing up in Michigan, all colds, flu, ear infections, etc., happened in winter and were blamed on the cold, snowy weather. It just made sense, at least to a child.
Published: 08/14/16

Love in an envelope

I just mailed a package containing three birthday presents for our 7-year-old granddaughter.
Updated one month ago

Who’s on first

Certain things I’ve seen on television, no matter how long ago, just seem to stick with me and occasionally connect with something in my daily experience. An example would be the old comedy routine of Abbott and Costello known as “Who&#...
Updated one month ago

Parenting is never finished

Recently, our eldest daughter, facing new responsibilities on her job, telephoned her father for advice.
Updated one month ago

Nothing like a good read

I love to read, so much so that it hardly matters what else needs doing; reading will usually win out. I have several favorite writers but I also love discovering new ones. I don’t stick to just one genre or even one time period. I just love e...
Updated one month ago

A whole lot of punning going on

There are certain expressions and idioms so common to the English vernacular that we seldom give a thought to what we’re really saying when we use them. We rarely stop to think how those expressions could be misunderstood by a non-native speake...
Updated: 2 months ago

Surgery, what a pain

My elderly mother is about to have reverse shoulder joint replacement surgery. She has endured a lot of pain the last few years and finally decided enough is enough. Surgery couldn’t possibly be more painful or more of a hassle than what she i...
Updated: 2 months ago

Can’t make it without him

For more than 10 years now, I have been embroiled in a love-hate relationship with someone I will never truly understand, yet I cannot let go.
Updated: 2 months ago

Games we play are not new

Not long ago, while waiting to board a plane, I saw two kids playing the little game we all know as Rock, Paper, Scissors. They were laughing and speaking a foreign language I didn’t recognize.
Updated: 2 months ago