Joyce Minor

Can you find the movie names?

I love movies, new and old. I created this column using 81 movie titles. Can you find them all?

When Harry met Sally in Casablanca, he started calling her the African queen. But shortly they found themselves out of Africa. They booked tickets on the orient express and started planning a dinner party to introduce her ordinary people to his beautiful people.

Her guest list was topped by Thelma and Louise, his by Anna and the king of Siam. So she added Bonnie and Clyde, which led him to include Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The list soon grew to include the good, the bad and the ugly as well as a few dirty rotten scoundrels. Clearly some potential guests had the right stuff while others were in a league of their own.

After a hard day's night of arguing, they were as far apart as from here to eternity.

She had high hopes but his pride and prejudice meant they needed the miracle worker.

To keep all quiet on the western front they dropped the list for a while and started on party arrangements. She wanted a place in the sun like the South Pacific. He said, "I'm nobody's fool. Just meet me in St. Louis or Philadelphia." They considered China Town and Atlantic City but in the heat of the night they settled on a last tango in Paris.

For the venue, Sally suggested her friend Alice's restaurant, but Harry felt that was risky business, without a doubt. He insisted on a grand hotel. Sally said it was a shot in the dark but after a quick look out the rear window she decided the hotel might make it a night to remember.

They easily agreed on dinner at eight but ideas on entertainment brought the sound of distant thunder. He wanted a band called Dangerous Liaisons but that was just because they were fast, cheap and out of control. She wanted nothing but the best, and in tears she begged him to go hear her favorite group, Spellbound. He agreed but the band was far from heaven. The percussionist would only bang the drum slowly and Harry wished someone would just shoot the piano player. Finally, though he felt he was getting the shaft, he had to admit the awful truth: he'd say anything to end the crying game.

When the big night came, Sally was prepared to give Harry the big chill if he objected to wearing a top hat. But Harry wasn't born yesterday. He arrived dressed to kill and Sally felt like woman of the year.

The party was truly all that heaven allows - a giant success. Harry's guests turned out to be the wild bunch, earning a zero for conduct, while Sally's were her deliverance. Her friend Alice was just a face in the crowd sharing secrets and lies with twelve angry men. The band proved expert at swingtime. The lead singer even taught them all 39 steps, making Harry's fears much ado about nothing.

Finally, after a year of living dangerously was gone with the wind, Harry and Sally were married Italian style. Just to be different the bride wore black and her entrance left everyone breathless. Guests were transported to the reception in chariots of fire and found themselves feasting on duck soup.

Over the years Harry become the wizard of Wall Street while Sally found herself sitting pretty, the mother of Hannah and her sisters. They all agreed never to look back in anger because the remains of the day were a love story told in little terms of endearment and a lot of true grit.