Damara Hutchins

Hell hath no fury as this one

Don’t make women angry. That should be some type of mantra for every man to live by, but some men either do not learn things as well as others or they are just totally stubborn.
Published: 11/21/15

Color-coded crying charts

I could tell she had not had a very good day when I picked her up from aftercare. She was moody and her pencil’s eraser was worn down to a nub.
Updated one month ago

The persistence of obstinance

It is the end of the first nine weeks of the grading period and my own parent’s words are falling out of my mouth again. “You have the ability, you just need to apply yourself. If you only put the effort into school that you put into th...
Updated one month ago

The zombie nurse apocalypse

The sickness set in about one month ago. I jokingly called it the beginning of the zombie nurse apocalypse. It was funny to me then, but I’m not laughing anymore.
Updated: 2 months ago

A very narrow view

A couple weeks ago, a beautiful nurse from Colorado spoke about an Alzheimer’s patient on the Miss America stage. I saw the video on Facebook the next day because I never watch those competitions. Honestly, I wish there were a “Miss Mid...
Updated: 2 months ago

Little Miss Money Bags

“I think it’s behind my bed, but I don’t really know.”
Updated: 3 months ago

Surviving back to school blues

“Ugh. You stink bad. You smell like ham that is cooked and uncooked at the same time.” This was how my daughter greeted her brother after his weight lifting practice. In her defense, he was horribly sweaty....
Updated: 3 months ago