Damara Hutchins

Forced outside their comfort zone

"I don't want to try on any more of these pants and I don't want to go anywhere!" There was a power struggle going on in my house between the kids and us. We were going to win in the end, but they were making the path to victory incredibly annoying. By the time this article is printed, God willing, my family will have traveled to Washington State and back. We are going to visit my best friend and her family, look at mountains up close and experience the packed-in city life of Seattle and laid-back Olympia. The children are currently unhappy that we are leaving at all.
My kids are strange to me in the way that they never want to do anything. Don't get me wrong, my daughter really wanted to go to Disney World, but my son had no interest in it until we got there; even then, he didn't smile very often. Concerning this major outing, my little girl is afraid of the plane not functioning properly. Last week she said, "Mommy, if the plane falls out of the sky, we'll all die." I said, "At least we'll all be together." I don't like to feed into these kinds of fears very much, but when she kept mentioning it over and over, I couldn't help but dig deeper to the base of this anxiety. "What's up with you and planes? You love roller coasters. We're just going to roll down the runway and lift off into the sky. It's fun." "Because, Mommy, I never see the planes land. They never land on the ground!" I thought about that for a while. I guess she never has seen a plane land on the ground. I also thought about the exposure she has had and pictured my son watching those airplane disaster shows. Ah ha! Even with some education, she hasn't budged on her opinion. Speaking of my son's television choices, he happened to catch something on Big Foot that scared the tar out of him which brought us great joy being the horrible parents we are. Of course, he's 12 and my daughter is 7 so he's fair game. He began asking his dad about the infamous creature and a tale was instantly spun by my husband about a creepy night spent camping with the Boy Scouts with unusual smells present and being hit with a rock thrown by an unknown being. Then another story was told about a woman innocently washing dishes then suddenly looking through the window into the eyes of the beast himself. My son nervously looked at the window above the kitchen sink which had the shades pulled all the way to the top and, when he could take it no longer, he slipped across the room to quietly and quickly lower them. There's been so much talk about Big Foot and planes lately, I almost feel bad for my kids that we are packing them on a plane and forcing them to go to the Pacific Northwest, home of the Sasquatch. Apart from their fears, my daughter doesn't want to leave her Baby Butterscotch, a mechanical horse it would be a pain to pack, and my son doesn't want to leave his social life, but he is taking some cards with his phone number printed on them. There's no sense in missing out on broadening his girlfriend base. We just hope we don't run out of money. Now that is truly terrifying! damarainsebring@hotmail.com