Damara Hutchins

Good spouses making good times

Damara Hutchins

Reflecting back on the hectic holiday season, I am glad that the New Year is in full swing and 2013 has been kicked out the back door. My resolution last year to be a better mother may or may not have been fulfilled. The kids seem to still love me, which is positive, but my daughter is no less stubborn than she ever was, which tells me that I have made absolutely no progress with that issue.

Since I haven't been downgraded to the dreaded "Mommie Dearest" level, I figure it might be time to switch gears and begin putting some extra effort into my role as a wife.

Don't get me wrong, I'm practically perfect when it comes to a marital match for my husband, Chris. There is literally no one out there better suited to be with him than me and I remind him of this periodically. The first step to being a good spouse is to let your partner know how hopeless it is out there in the world without you.

He is also the only one for me. For instance, he is the only person who can bring me from complete bliss to raging anger in less than five seconds. That kind of passion is not your standard, run-of-the-mill stuff found in just any relationship. It takes a burning kind of love to fuel that fire.

Threats and fights aren't all we have that keeps us together. We also understand each other on a deeper level.

One thing I adore about him is his enthusiasm when he opens any gift. On Christmas, he didn't want me to go overboard on presents, but I tried to get him some fun things that he'd enjoy. Needless to say, he had a great time.

The spotlight seemed like a good idea when I saw it at the store because our daughter is always stealing his flashlight and misplacing it around the house. I figured it would be hard to hide a spotlight.

It turns out that sucker can illuminate an entire room and you can feel the heat coming off the lens if it is too close. He began conducting interrogations with the light shining in the faces of the kids, the cat, and me.

Because I love a deal, I had to get the package that included the free headlamp which he immediately strapped around his forehead to add more power to his already overly-bright presence.

I'm glad I got him the light because he'll use it, but I'm not happy that I put the rubber band gun in his stocking. I knew he'd turn it on our son, but I didn't know we'd be in the car when it happened.

I will admit that I have also used the rubber band gun on our son. Thirteen year olds are just asking for it when it comes to that sort of thing.

Chris got each member of our family an identical present, except for the color, that I have yet to appreciate. In fact, I haven't even opened mine after seeing the destructive force caused by him and our daughter.

Remote control helicopters are not safe, regardless of the size. The poor cat, my daughter's hair, many close calls to my face, and several other mishaps have turned me against this flying menace.

The man does make me laugh even when I am running away from his helicopter. He's a keeper. This year, I'm going to make sure he wants to keep me.