Dorothy Harris

The breathtaking moments of parenthood

One day and 19 years ago, I was recovering in a hospital bed, exhausted, in pain and desperate to see my baby girl.
Published: 07/21/16

Keeping me in stitches

Recently, I took my wardrobe in for altering and the seamstress’ ability to seamlessly alter my clothing astounded me.
Published: 07/14/16

Relationships are complicated

A newbie of sorts to Facebook, I had to laugh over the various options one can choose to identify their relationship status. Some evoked a bit of eyebrow rising at the implications, but the one tickling my fancy was the choice indicating an inability...
Updated one month ago

Feeling CHIPper about my health

My husband and I participated in the Complete Health Improvement Program, or CHIP, and now, nearly a year later, I thought I would offer an update.
Updated one month ago

Historical look at Father’s Day

Sunday was Father’s Day and the 106-year anniversary of our national effort honoring dear old dad.
Updated one month ago

Respecting the weather

Chances are your yard is as wet as mine after all the inches of rain showered down upon our area. My lawn now boasts lovely seasonal ponds full of narrow-mouthed toads that greet nightfall with a trilling buzz reminiscent of a loud cicada.
Updated one month ago

Colin called, but are we listening?

It’s officially hurricane season and despite it being just over a decade since our trifecta of Charley, Frances and Jeanne, my thoughts glazed over as I read the advisory. Apparently authorities have expressed concerns we’ve all grown s...
Updated: 2 months ago


Having not slept well the night before, I found myself dragging once I got home from another busy but productive day. We had made plans to go out that evening, but after being informed Mr. Harris was handling his second brush fire of the day, I found...
Updated: 2 months ago

The big impact of a big sister

My big sister’s birthday was yesterday and it got me thinking about all the ways she impacted my life and some of the ways I’ve impacted hers. She’d probably tell you things were just fine before I happened along some six years i...
Updated: 2 months ago

A shout out about your soundtrack

Mr. Harris and I found ourselves busy with the endless chores of a home owner this past weekend and at the end of the day, dinner out sounded good. We headed to a favorite restaurant, opting to eat on the patio.
Updated: 2 months ago