Dorothy Harris

Bird watchers: Creepy or just creeping around?

The initial description was so spot on it reminded me of the identifying mark at the base of the primary feathers on a black-throated blue warbler.
Published: 04/28/16

Pearls of wisdom

Who is within your circle of influence? If you don’t have any senior friends, you are missing out.
Published: 04/21/16

The hurdles of a well-planned life

We spent the weekend at University of Florida touring the campus, checking in on our progress and learning once again about all the kid must accomplish over the next couple of years. Talk about overwhelming.
Updated one month ago

Color me crazy

My first emotion was disbelief when my daughter showed me the display of adult coloring books at the book store. “Buy one of these for me,” she requested, selecting just the right one from the vast array to suit her taste.
Updated one month ago

Power of the flower

It may be snowing elsewhere, but here it feels like summer already. Our pollen-coated spring morphed right into heated afternoons and several heavy rains.
Updated one month ago

A taxing experience

Ah yes, it’s time to pull out all the receipts and documents to finish paying off our debt to society once again.
Updated one month ago

Saving daylight

It’s that time of year again when we throw our bodies into timeless confusion by altering the clocks. While the debate over whether Daylight Savings Time is necessary, relevant or appropriate in this modern time continues, we all muddle along ...
Updated: 2 months ago

Seeing green

It’s spring in Florida and we’re all seeing green. Step outside and glance at your vehicle and you’ll see it.
Updated: 2 months ago

Exercising our options

Our crew has been considering gym memberships. As we’ve run the circuit, it’s clear our area has many options.
Updated: 2 months ago

Sunday gravy

Back when I was an enterprising young gal who wanted money to buy clothes, makeup and records, I started baby-sitting for neighbors.
Updated: 2 months ago