Dorothy Harris

Seeing green

It’s spring in Florida and we’re all seeing green. Step outside and glance at your vehicle and you’ll see it.
Updated: 3 months ago

Exercising our options

Our crew has been considering gym memberships. As we’ve run the circuit, it’s clear our area has many options.
Updated: 3 months ago

Sunday gravy

Back when I was an enterprising young gal who wanted money to buy clothes, makeup and records, I started baby-sitting for neighbors.
Updated: 3 months ago

Avian awareness

The National Audubon Great Backyard Bird Count is a global effort to document species of birds.
Updated: 3 months ago

‘Football, you bet!’

I figured out it was Super Bowl weekend last weekend when I saw an excursion ad promising participants would be returned home in time for the game.
Updated: 4 months ago

It’s the first week of February and the fur’s flying

From time to time I mention our furry freeloaders because they are a never-ending source of entertainment, companionship and sleep deprivation.
Updated: 4 months ago

Snow kidding!

In the nearly 30 years we have resided in temperate Florida, it appears we’ve missed out on about 2,100 feet of snow. That sounds a bit extreme, but this is the total snowfall actually recorded in the years since we departed the Great White No...
Updated: 4 months ago

Plea to please hurry Publix

Flexibility is key in life and quite important. Otherwise one is bound to go about each day with a sense of tension and grief.
Updated: 4 months ago

Excuse me for interrupting your interruption

“Hello people,” I imagined myself declaring.
Updated: 4 months ago

New Year’s glee – its meat!

The UPS Inc. truck always creates a little excitement at our house. The dingo goes crazy, scattering felines and making treacherous the way for any person attempting to answer the door.
Updated: 5 months ago