Dorothy Harris

Pet valet or pet hotel?

I could see it in print. Pet valet needed; must turn faucet on for cats as requested (by them), clean up hairballs before the dog does and vacuum daily. (I can dream, can't I?). Ensure pet bedding is fluffed according to individual pet preferences; references required, pay is absolutely not negotiable and pets may or may not tolerate your presence. Additional desired skills include nail trimming so I can stop my Circa du Soleil-like contortions trying to get her to just flipping be still for five minutes already. Does anyone else care for their pets like this? After my recent visit to Just Like Home Pet Hotel, I know you do.

I heard amazing things about this local pet boarding facility, but I shouldn't even refer to it like that. It is a pet resort; complete with indoor zero entry play pool and private suites. Their brochure says a biscuit is on the pillow each night and honestly, after a tour, I believe it.

Now, I should say right now I'm not one of those crazy pet people. You know what I mean. Some pets have better wardrobes than I do. My dog has no clothes and wears no jewelry. She has wash and wear fur which looks great without a trip to the groomer each week. She's a regular pet, not a show dog or anything like that. She's happy and so are we. Our issue is we need to leave for a weekend and she can't come.

Considering she's a shelter pet who spent the first two years of life at our local Humane Society, (which did a tremendous job of training and socializing her), we don't dare board her in a regular cage. Perhaps it's our mental block, but I genuinely fear she will be traumatized by a return to such environment. She doesn't handle confinement well and who can blame her considering her life has become so cushy?

She's got air conditioning, a leather couch, several pet beds to choose from, as well as a handful of cats to keep her company. She really likes chilling during the day, sprawled out like a train wreck all over my sofa. The trip and fall down to a kennel would seriously cramp her style. Thus we visited the pet hotel.

Within moments of experiencing the tastefully decorated atmosphere, I was ready to stay for the weekend. My daughter jested the dog would have nicer hotel accommodations than we would, but seriously, she's right, and the dog will. We're all sharing a room, but the dog will have her own suite. Yes, I said suite. She'll also have a TV and soundproof room to keep her calm. Come to think of it, that would keep me calm too, but I can't think of any human hotel offering this option. There's also lovely kennels and all dogs we saw seemed perfectly content, but perhaps they had just come from their massage.

Actually they don't offer massage, however they do offer spa treatments. Sadie Girl won't be experiencing this though, because number one, she hates a bath and number two, if I can't book a spa treatment for myself, I'm certainly not booking one for the dog.

I am however looking forward to her being comfortable when we head out of town. I know, I can't believe I said that either. Like I said before, is anyone else out there like this? Oh yes, there are quite a few of you and I guess we'll be seeing you at check-in.