Dorothy Harris

Will you be FAT this Thanksgiving?

Throughout my prior career in state government and my current employment in the medical field, acronyms abound. This alphabet shorthand is used to convey a lot of words in a succinct fashion, such as CPR for cardio pulmonary resuscitation.

Learning what these letters stand for is akin to being educated in a foreign language and must somehow raise your IQ. Sometimes acronyms are used to help us remember or ID something very important. For this reason, I'll ask you today, on Thanksgiving Day, if you are FAT?

Before you take me to task for ruining your holiday of festive feeding, allow me to explain. I'm not concerned with BMI or BAC levels, rather I'm wondering if you will be flexible, adaptable and teachable. On this Thanksgiving Day, rather than worry about calorie counts and BYOB, maybe the focus should be on staying FAT.

Since a lot of you will be requested, or perhaps required, to visit family, will you decide to remain flexible? If the family isn't yours, or maybe because it is yours, this can be a serious challenge. Does it really matter if the turkey is deep fried rather than roasted? Can you choose to be thankful, rather than creating a HAZ-MAT situation at the table? If there are food allergies, special diets or even just preferences, are you willing to be an accommodating host, treating your guests like VIPs or do you grumble, wishing you could give them MREs? Maybe we should move on to being adaptable before all the hostesses out there shout RIP and cause my PR to dip.

Being adaptable is all about going with the flow, like H20. If you don't eat meat, bring a veggie dish you create with TLC, not tofu. If eating out on this day of gastronomic celebration, be sure to bring your PIN and ID to the ATM so you'll have enough cash. This is not a day to run up an IOU among family members or coworkers. Let's also remember people aren't going to change their eating habits until they are OK with that idea. Thus the Thanksgiving table is not a place to bring up someone's HDL or LDL readings.

No sense in creating a bunch of OMG drama at the table and having everyone wonder if you have PMS. Projecting an aura of adaptability could save the holiday if someone else decides to act like an SOB, showing off their inability to bend. This can even lead to a teachable moment, rather than an SOS.

Remaining teachable is probably the most important part of the FAT acronym. Teachable people are adaptable and flexible, but they are also genuinely enjoyable to be around and thus should receive a lot of RSVPs. Teachable people don't pick fights or nurse old wounds, rather they forgive ASAP. They listen to what's actually being said asking a lot of Q & A rather than assuming they already know what the other person is saying.

Teachable people also accept others for the LOL mess they are. Most importantly, teachable people know they aren't the CEO or CO of the world so they still strive to learn from others. They don't start WWIII over a misunderstanding, knowing it will be LTNS once this holiday is over.

So as you gear up this Thanksgiving Day for your festive gatherings, or not, try to remember to be FAT and you may be surprised at just how genuinely satisfying the holiday can be. TTFN and XO to you and your family this Thanksgiving from the crew at Harris & Co.