Letters to the editor

Pet examination
Shame on the doctor who let a yellow Labrador pass through his or her examination with diabetes to be put up for adoption at the Highlands County Humane Society.
I adopted this dog two weeks ago. He is 9 years old and needed a home badly. He was extremely thin in the rear, and his hips and rib cage protruding badly. I was told he was fretting, hence the weight loss. I fell in love with him and took him home to meet my other two rescue dogs. The very next day, I took him to my vet. He was examined and the diagnosis was diabetes. I was shocked! How could this have not been found prior to adoption?
I now have to give him two shots of insulin every day for the rest of his life. This is a big expense for me, as I am retired and living on a fixed income.
I am not faulting the adoption staff in any way – they are wonderful ladies, but I am faulting the doctor as this dog had been there for one month and was slowly slipping away.
I am happy to say that this beautiful dog has already gained almost 10 pounds and is very happy!
Please be more careful before passing dogs through for adoption.
Sylvia Nattrass
Lake Placid
Tricky gas prices
I, as many others in today’s economy, shop for the lowest price of gas. I have noticed the station near the intersection of Sun ‘n Lake Blvd. and U.S. 27 advertises the price of $3.52 per 9/10 a gallon. That’s around 10 cents less than other stations in Highlands County. I pulled in and filled my tank. I paid with my credit card as I always do. When the pump dispensed my receipt, I noticed I had been charged $3.62 per 9/10 a gallon. I thought the pump computer had malfunctioned and then I noticed two small windows on the pump. One read cash $3.52 per 9/10 a gallon and the other read credit $3.62 per 9/10 a gallon.
This deception enraged me to the point that I went inside the store, waved my receipt in the clerk’s face and said, “I’m your sucker this time, you sucked me in but you can be sure I will never spend another dime with you ... again.”
Let the public beware. How many other motorists think they are buying gas at the price shown on the large highway sign but in fact, are paying 10 cents more per gallon if they use a credit card?
Charles H. Wiggins