Emily Little

A lot happens in a year

This month marks my one-year anniversary of writing this column. It seems crazy that it was an entire year ago that I received the wonderful phone call from my editor Mr. Hensley telling me I had gotten the job.

In the past year, a lot has changed. I’ve made friends, and I’ve lost friends. I’ve learned to drive. I’ve finished half of my high school career. I’ve written columns for an entire year about my life, my opinions and the world.

In fact, quite a bit has changed in the world as well. Beloved leaders and figures like Nelson Mandela have passed away. We passed through the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Russia. Celebrities like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus have made controversial decisions that are splashed across magazines. The royal baby was born, and we passed the 50th anniversaries of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech and John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Political tensions both strengthened and began to lessen. The situation between Russia and Ukraine has heightened. The Pope has brought together leaders of Israel and Palestine to encourage peace.

With all of that being said, it has also been a year just like any other. Each year, people admired by the world pass away. Each year, celebrities make headlines for questionable decisions. Each year, we experience notable births by celebrities. Each year, we see anniversaries of historical events come and go. Each year, we see changes in the political world. While events in the world may seem to be dramatic or catastrophic at the time that they occur, we seem to forget that they happen each year in different ways.

At almost every awards show, there is a montage of celebrities who have passed away in the past year. People reminisce, grieve and continue the cycle the following year. Events each year may seem so shocking in the moment, but they are far from once-in-a-lifetime. The parallels of current events from year to year prove the old saying “history repeats itself.” However, while the events may take similar shape, they affect each of us differently each year. A celebrity’s death may not faze someone much one-year, but the death of their childhood idol may hit them hard the next.

Through all of the changes and events our world has faced in the last year, I have been blessed to write a column about it week after week. While often times the column focuses on the changes in my life rather than on the world scale, it is still interesting to look back on the things that have occurred in the past year.

I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to be able to share my thoughts and opinions with you all each week. I am grateful to have the ability to speak my mind, uncensored, if I so chose in this column. I am grateful to have a working archive of my life as I progress through it. As a person, my life has gone through several changes in the past year. From time to time, I look back and see the differences in everything from my favorite things to my writing style and ability. It feels like just yesterday I was submitting a sample column to be considered for this job, assuming it was a long shot. I can’t wait to see what the world has in store for the next year for me, and I can’t wait to share it with you all.