Emily Little

A magical New Year's Eve

Emily Little

I've written about going to Walt Disney World before, but recently, I had a completely new experience there. I've been going to Disney since I was a young child, but last week was quite different than any other trip - I went on New Year's Eve.

New Year's Eve is known as the busiest day of the year at the Magic Kingdom, but a group of friends and I decided to brave the crowds. The trip was in celebration of my friend Katie's birthday, as well as to ring in the new year. We left Katie's house at 6 a.m., and arrived at Disney a little before 7:30. Katie's mom parked the car and we stood in the already-forming crowd to board the tram from the parking lot. We were traveling in a group of eight, which is quite difficult to keep together.

When the tram arrived, we tried to cram on all at once, but came up one seat short. Katie was the last one on, so she decided to just crouch down and covered herself with our jackets. We managed to sneak her the entire ride, and we knew it was going to be an interesting day.

After the tram ride, we took a bus ride to get to the actual park. When we arrived at the park's front gate, we took our place in the lengthy line. We bounced around from a couple of different lines to try to find a shorter one, but ended up in the same place we started.

After we got into the park, we made a beeline to the castle to take a picture in our cheesy, matching, handmade Disney princess shirts. After the picture, we went to the Space Mountain ride to pick up a fast pass to ride without a line later in the day. The crowds then started to pick up, so we were surprised to find that the first ride we chose was only a 35-minute wait.

We rode rides for several hours, grabbed some lunch, and continued to ride. By the time night rolled around, the crowds were becoming almost unbearable. Around 10 p.m., we found a DJ playing music and joined a small crowd. We danced for about an hour, grabbed some more food, and started trying to stake out our spot to watch the countdown. Trying to maneuver around the park at night was extremely difficult, so much so that Disney had to open up back areas to allow guests to walk through. We ended up at the porch of a restaurant with a view of the castle and the entire sky.

In my lifetime I have seen many Disney fireworks shows, but this was by far the best. The fireworks were so bright it looked as if the sun was out. At the end of the show, which was synchronized with Disney music, there was a countdown to midnight in the sky. At midnight, everyone cheered, and the fireworks show had its grand finale.

After the excitement wore off, we were ready to go home, as was everyone else in the park. The eight of us latched on to each other, and tried to make our way through the crowds as best we could. Eventually, we made it to the front, waited in line for the bus, and got to the trams. The wait was over an hour, so we decided to walk to the car. By the time we got out of the lot it was nearly 3 a.m., but it was definitely a night to remember.