Emily Little

Getting hair cut paid off in long run

About two months ago, I made the decision that I wanted to cut my hair - short. This was definitely not an easy decision as I had been growing out my hair since seventh grade, but my hair was extremely thick and long. During the summer, my long hair made me feel like my air conditioner was broken, and regardless of the season it was a bear to keep up with. On the day of my hair appointment at my salon, Cut N' Up, I was still uneasy about my decision. Even my hairstylist Brittany was reluctant to cut it, as she knew how long I had been growing it out. When I held my hands up to my shoulder to indicate the length I wanted, you could tell by the look on her face that she got an idea. She suggested that if I really wanted to cut off that much hair, I should donate it. I had always been under the impression that to donate hair you had to give at least 10 inches. Brittany shared with me however that here are several other organizations that accept hair donations of a minimum of eight inches - just about the length I was planning to cut. We talked about several possible organizations, but one really stuck out in my mind: Children With Hair Loss. The reason I became dead-set on this organization was because it provided the donations purely to children who could not afford wigs and hairpieces.
I was beyond excited about the idea of my hair going to someone who really needed it, but I still was unsure of how I would miss my long hair. I sat in the stylist's chair and Brittany sectioned my hair off; she had to put into three ponytails instead of one because it was so thick. I thought that she would've given me a warning before she did it, but all of a sudden I hear, "Snip, snip, snip." I laughed because she knew that if she had told me she was about to cut it, I probably would've chickened out. Before I was allowed to see the finished product, Brittany cut a bit more off the ends and evened my hair out. When she gave me the OK, I turned around to face the mirror and fell in love with it. I was afraid that I would immediately regret it, but as soon as I looked in the mirror I knew that I wouldn't. Not only was I happy with how it came out, but I would make a child very happy too. I picked up the three ponytails that had been set on the counter and was surprised by how heavy they were. I knew my long hair could be difficult to manage, but I never realized just how much of it there was! We wrapped the hair up in tinfoil, which I couldn't help but laugh at - it looked like a hot dog you would buy from a baseball concession stand. We took the hair home and immediately put in a large Ziploc bag. I filled out the organization's address on a manila envelope, and we mailed it out the next day. Although it was a decision that took a long time to make, two months later, I am still happy with it. I love knowing that by getting rid of something I didn't need, my hair, I could improve someone's quality of life. About a month after I sent off my donation, I received a certificate of appreciation from the organization in my email inbox. I smiled at the reminder of the donation I had made.