Emily Little

Nothing better than a day at the movies

Emily Little

Living in Sebring, I often hear people complain that there is nothing to do. However, one of my favorite things to do is actually available in our small town - go to the movies. Ever since I was a young child, I have loved going to the movie theater. Sure, watching DVDs on your TV at home can be fun, but it's nothing compared to the real thing.

With having two movie theaters in Sebring, we usually get every movie that is out at any given point. However, when my mom and I wanted to see "The Book Thief" last month, we were disappointed to find it was not showing near us. We decided to drive to Lakeland, the closest location of the movie, to see it.

My mom and I did some window-shopping, then made our way to the theater. When we went inside, we bought our tickets and made a beeline for the food. We saw a huge menu board, with foods like salads, frozen yogurt, and sandwich wraps. We were a bit confused however, when we learned that each food item had to be purchased through a separate line. After our trip to concessions, we found our seats. As we sat down, I realized that the seats leaned back, which was an interesting feature. With my mozzarella sticks, frozen yogurt, and soda, I was ready to watch the movie.

After reading the book that the movie was created from, I did not have very high hopes for the movie. I ended up loving the movie, which was a pleasant surprise. As we exited the theater and looked down the hall, my mom and I glanced at the other theaters. Above them were signs for the upcoming movies, one of which was the new Disney movie "Frozen." The movie was starting in about 10 minutes, so my mom and I decided to extend our day a bit longer.

We bought our tickets, and went into the theater which was much more crowded than the first. I had heard many good things about the movie, and I've always been a big Disney fan. Before I go into any movie though, I am a bit skeptical. By the end, I had a new favorite Disney movie. The contrast between the two movies was very obvious, one being an emotional drama and the other being a light-hearted family movie. Typically, I get tired after one movie, but this time I actually enjoyed seeing the two very different movies in one day.

Whenever I make plans to see a movie, whether in Sebring or out of town, I look forward to it for days. I love watching the previews for movies coming out within the next year and picking out which I want to see. On most occasions, that list consists of every preview. I love reading as well, so when I see my favorite novels being put onto the silver screen, I get excited. I judge the casting very harshly before the movie comes out, based on the characters I imagined from the book. I imagine each with a certain look. This usually causes me to be quite critical of the movie, but that isn't an indication of what my final opinion will be.

Overall, going to the movies is one of my favorite activities. I love getting concessions, sitting in comfy chairs, and going into another world for a little while. Some people like to bowl, some people like to go shopping, but on a free day, I love going to the movies.