Emily Little

Paco tours downtown Sebring

To many people, pets are just as important as any other member of their family. Therefore, when their pet is lost, it hits them as if they lost their brother or sister. This past week my close friend Angie lost her dog Paco in Downtown Sebring. Paco is a small, brown and white, yippy Chihuahua who is absolutely adored by his family. When Paco disappeared, his family was distraught. I helped Angie look all over downtown for Paco, but we found no sign of him. We walked around the Circle and its side streets, whistling and yelling at the top of our lungs. We got some strange looks from some people on the street, but we were more concerned about Paco. During our search, we asked people who were grabbing their mail or weeding their gardens if they had seen any sign of the dog, but they all shook their heads and went back to their business. We were extremely disappointed because Angie had received several messages and phone calls of people who had seen Paco, but we couldn't seem to do the same. Angie asked if I knew who the Saint of Lost Things was. When I did not, she proceeded to take out her phone and ask Siri, the voice search on iPhone. Siri replied in a robotic voice, "St. Anthony." Angie jokingly looked up at the sky and yelled, "St. Anthony, help me find the darn dog!"
Ironically enough, the next day, Paco was found by a deacon of a nearby church. I couldn't have been happier when I heard that Angie and Paco were reunited. This event made me realize how important pets are to our lives. I thought about how bizarre it would feel to come home to a house without my two cats, Molly and Grayson, and my dog, Styx. There is rarely a moment where one of my three pets isn't by my side. Whether I'm doing homework and Molly walks across my keyboard, watching TV and Grayson is sitting on the arm of the couch, or Styx is under my feet as I have a snack at the kitchen table, it seems they're always there. The presence of pets isn't something that we take notice of often, unfortunately. While I certainly give my animals plenty of love and affection, I take for granted the fact that they're always nearby. It seems a little silly, but as every pet owner can attest, pets truly become some of our best friends. Paco went missing because he jumped out of the window of Angie's dad's truck. We often take Styx with us on car rides because she absolutely loves them. As soon as I grab her leash from where it hangs beside the front door, she runs at me so hard I nearly fall over. Sometimes, before I even go to grab it, she jumps up as if she could sense what I was thinking. Although Styx is a relatively large dog, I wonder why she's never tried to make a window-escape as Paco did. Paco's real-world adventure was a bit of a reality check for me. It's hard to imagine going about my day without my pets running around my feet. Although they get on my nerves from time to time when my dog runs in front of me as I walk through the hallway or when my cats walk across my keyboard as I'm doing homework, they are more important to me than I sometimes realize.