Emily Little

Smart phones are taking over our lives

In today’s day and age, technology is everything. It tells us how to get where we’re going, what we have scheduled for the day, and allows us to get work done. A huge part of the intermingling of technology in our lives is our phones.

Many households no longer use landlines and have switched to simply using cell phones. Most people have made the switch over to smart phones like Androids and iPhones. However, there are the few who have managed to resist the change and have stayed with basic phones. Regardless of the type of mobile phone, it is clear that our society is based around cell phones.

Personally, my phone is always within an arm’s reach. I use it to schedule my day-to-day life, make notes and reminders for myself, and even use it as a study tool. The calendar, notes, and reminder apps that come standard on every iPhone prove to be extremely useful. I also tend to download apps that can help me on a daily basis, like my flashcard app and news app.

Of course, I also have some fun apps on my phone like games and social media. I am one of the many teenagers, and even adults nowadays, who can say that my life centers around my phone. Therefore, when there is a problem with my phone, it spells trouble.

I have had the same phone for about a year and a half. It is an older version of the iPhone, and I absolutely love it. I’ve had very few problems with it for quite some time. That is, until, one of the buttons on my phone became stuck making it very difficult to shut my phone off. This made the phone run much slower, and overall more tedious to use. My phone was constantly dropping calls and suddenly closing out of apps. Last weekend, my phone decided it had finally given up and it bit the dust. I could not get it to turn on or charge, and I knew it was done for.

Then came the daunting task of switching over to a new phone. Eventually, we were able to get my old phone to come back on, with hopes of syncing it up to my computer to get my contacts and pictures off of it. Unfortunately, the phone was past any chance of that and would not sync up to my computer. Somehow, when my new phone arrived, my contacts managed to transfer over to the new phone but my pictures did not. I am saving the old phone in hopes that someday I may be able to get the pictures off of it.

The transition from my old phone to my new one has been more difficult than you would think. The first task was to re-enter all of my passwords and information into my accounts. Thankfully I was able to keep my old phone number, so I did not have to deal with letting everyone know of a number change. Then, I had to download all of my beloved apps again. I am still adjusting to the differences between the two phones.

It is almost surprising to realize how dependent our society is upon mobile phones. Few people carry around bulky digital cameras anymore because their phone serves as one. They have become our GPS’s, our main mode of communication, and the documentation of our lives. The transfer to this new phone has made me take a look at how important cell phones are in our society.