Take me out to the ball game

Everyone has a favorite sport. For some, it involves playing that sport. For others like me, who are not athletically gifted, the preferred method is to simply watch sports. As much I enjoy watching football and the occasional game of basketball, my absolute favorite sport is baseball.

Growing up, I was surrounded by baseball. My cousins lived at the baseball fields when we were younger, so any time I spent with them was living and breathing the sport. Some of my favorite childhood memories stem from days spent watching baseball as a kid.

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not have an athletic bone in my entire body. I tried everything from soccer to gymnastics, and none of them seemed to stick. For a while, I refused to even watch sports. They used to bore me to tears and I would beg my dad to change the channel. Now, however, I find myself changing the channel to baseball even when there are other shows on TV.

I absolutely love going to high school baseball games. Having friends and family on the team makes it that much easier to get into the game. My cousin Ty has played baseball for as long as I can remember, so it has become a family event to go watch the games. One of my best friends, David, is on the team, and we constantly find ourselves discussing the latest game. My friend Katie shares my love of baseball, so we always have our own commentary sessions during games. Baseball has brought me together with many people, sometimes in even the simplest ways.

One of my favorite things about going to high school baseball games is the sense of love for the game. While I do enjoy going to other high school sporting events, a lot of the time at the game is spent chit-chatting with friends. At baseball games, however, nearly everyone is actually paying attention to the game. With that being said, it still is a great opportunity to see old family friends or even teachers.

At every game, I get a hot dog and sunflower seeds, and make my way up to the stands to sit with my friends. At a recent game, it was quite cold outside, so for a while I sat in the car with my family and watched from inside. When my friends arrived, I decided to brave the cold metal stands with my blanket in hand. We huddled together, watching the action and desperately wishing for some hot chocolate.

Between innings, music always plays over the speakers. The music can range from country to pop, but recently the music of choice has been '80s. It's always fun to be sitting in the stands when the music starts blaring and everyone sings along. Even though it seems like such a simple thing, it is a quick way to bring everyone together.

From freezing in the stands to cheering on every run, baseball games are easily my favorite type of sporting event. I'm not sure if it's the food, the support for my team, or simply the love of the game. I am a huge fan of high school sports, from swim meets to football games. However, something about being at the baseball field on a Friday night just makes my heart happy. If you've never been to a Sebring baseball game, or any high school game for that matter, I strongly suggest you do. It's definitely one of my favorite places to be.