Emily Little

Too dependent on technology?

Emily Little

Today, the world is referred to as being in the "age of technology." From high-tech cars to 3-D printers, new inventions are created every day. Today's generation often hears the stereotypical statement from their elders that, "We didn't have that back in my day." It is hard to imagine that in 20 years, the technology we have today will probably be entirely obsolete.

Twenty years ago, the world had no Facebook, no Google and no YouTube. There were no electric cars, no smartphones and no wireless Internet. Today, these things are such a part of our lives that we fail to realize that they have not always been here. If these things did not exist in the past, that means that at one point, new technology will replace what we use now.

Personally, I have a hard time picturing a world where I could not hop onto my laptop to search for homework help. Typing essays from the comfort of your own home was not a common practice for the average student 20 years ago, but it certainly is now. Rarely is there a time I find myself without my iPhone attached at my hip, afraid I'm going to miss something.

This raises the question, are we a society too centered on technology? I often wonder this, but then I remember all the good that technology has done. Thanks to advancements in technology, we are able to save lives with organ transplants and updated safety measures in vehicles. Every day, new research is conducted to invent things that would advance society. This research, let alone the inventions themselves, would not be possible without technology.

If technology were not constantly evolving, we would never have things like refrigerators or even electricity. Without technology, we would be an extremely primitive society. Although technology has the connotation of electronics, many things can fall under this category. Hundreds of years ago, when explorers settled in new places, the soil was not always fertile. However, they still managed to survive and eventually flourish with plenty of food. This was due to agricultural advancements, which fall under technology. Actually, for explorers to even get to new locations, they had to use technology such as maps and compasses.

Without technology, we would not be living the lives we do. However, this is not to say I do not believe as a society we are too dependent on technology. Technology has gotten us where we are today, which means it cannot be an entirely bad thing, but do we rely upon it too much? We cannot even go to a friend's house without using a GPS to give us directions. How could we survive without air conditioning, microwaves and washing machines? While our ancestors did, it seems as though we could not.

I admit to being far too attached to my technology, having the tendency to reach towards my phone or computer every five minutes. I don't really know what I would do if I wasn't constantly in touch with the world. I use my phone to schedule practices, remind myself of my to-do list, and wake myself up in the morning. If I didn't have my phone, I would of course find a way to do things traditionally, but I would be uncomfortable without it.

This is a perfect representation of how our society functions. We could do without technology, but because of our reliance on it, it would be extremely difficult to adjust to. With this being said, nothing can stop our society from advancing.

Someone could completely close themselves off from the modern world, but the world around them would keep advancing.