I don’t deserve it

EDITOR’S NOTE: This column was originally published in November 2007.
Published: 11/29/15

Letters to the editor

Stages of life
Published: 11/29/15

A black Turkey Day

Thanksgiving 2015 has come and gone...It’s now Turkey sandwich time: A few days of delicious leftovers to slap between pieces of bread, my favorite time of the year.
Published: 11/28/15

What is capital outlay, anyway?

In last week’s column, readers had a brief lesson on where Highlands County School District get the money to provide education for all local children who attend one of its 17 public schools.
Published: 11/27/15

Embracing changing traditions during Thanksgiving

Today heralds the beginning of the holiday season for many people and evokes a lot of traditions and memories.
Published: 11/26/15
Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Welcome all refugees
Published: 11/24/15

Art party was refreshingly new

If you check out your Facebook newsfeed on any given day, there is a pretty good chance that you might be able to find a photo of a group of people each proudly displaying a similar-looking painting.
Published: 11/23/15

Aging gracefully tougher than it seems

I think I have reached that “certain” age, when my body has begun to betray me. It’s not just that my usual iron stomach now suffers occasional bouts of indigestion, or that I’ve finally had to break down and get bifocals....
Published: 11/22/15

Letters to the editor

U.S. response to IS
Published: 11/22/15

Hell hath no fury as this one

Don’t make women angry. That should be some type of mantra for every man to live by, but some men either do not learn things as well as others or they are just totally stubborn.
Published: 11/21/15