A year older but feeling accomplished

I have never been one to be overly proud of myself. While others who graduate high school or complete their associate in arts degree programs may revel in their accomplishments, I have always been one to instead give myself a quiet pat on the back wh...
Published: 07/25/16

Parenting is never finished

Recently, our eldest daughter, facing new responsibilities on her job, telephoned her father for advice.
Published: 07/24/16

A ‘dress’ for Father’s Day

This past Father’s Day I received an interesting gift from my wife. I wasn’t completely surprised about what she gave me although I was slightly bemused about why she gave it to me.
Published: 07/23/16

Cruz not right in trying to steal Trump’s thunder

The Republican presidential primary was a bruising journey for many of those who threw their hat in the ring, and, in many ways, tore the party into pieces. Billionaire Donald Trump can liberally share the blame for some of this discontent with his ...
Published: 07/22/16

The blue jacket kids

What a pleasure it was to see a certain headline last Friday. “Sebring Senior FFA Competes at State” immediately caught my eye and was a welcome relief from the dreadful articles that have dominated recent newspapers.
Published: 07/22/16

SFSC ready for college resource deputy

As of writing this piece, the South Florida State College board of trustees hadn’t met yet, but we hope that one of the items they approved Wednesday evening was the hiring of a full-time college resource deputy to patrol the campus.
Published: 07/21/16

The breathtaking moments of parenthood

One day and 19 years ago, I was recovering in a hospital bed, exhausted, in pain and desperate to see my baby girl.
Published: 07/21/16
Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Fansler for sheriff
Published: 07/21/16

Knotty world problems with no real answers

Here’s a recap on the world: The Republican GOP speech heated up the election with its loud opinions and echoing thoughts this week, as Hillary Clinton tried to hang tight with her NAACP speech.
Published: 07/20/16

A quote collector shares his treasures

I love quotes. I have been a quotes person for as long as I can remember. I think the first quote I memorized was, “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”
Published: 07/19/16