EDITOR’S NOTE: Voters, readers have the right to know about political office hopefuls

It would have been better if we had known about all of Lake Placid Police Chief James Fansler’s law enforcement issues in DeWitt County, Ill. before now. Unfortunately, we only learned about the additional parts of his record Wednesday afterno...
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Letters to the editor

Wall Street loves the Clintons
Published: 08/25/16

Secure solutions

I mentioned the idea of brutally editing your life in last week’s column.
Published: 08/25/16

Who does the TDC work for?

I attended a Tourist Development Council grant guideline panel meeting Aug. 17. It took place in the small conference room in the TDC office. I was the only member of the public in attendance.
Published: 08/24/16

Learning more about world religions has been an eye-opener

I will preface this article with saying I do not know a whole lot about Christianity or any of its denominations, and I am truly ashamed to admit my limited knowledge of other faiths. However, I greatly anticipate being well learned in the areas in t...
Published: 08/24/16
Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Published: 08/23/16

‘Pledge’ experiment was a big success

Before I start with this week’s column, we have a little bit of unfinished business from last week.
Published: 08/23/16

Influences can’t be helped but can be controlled

Where do people get their ideas about things regarding lifestyle? The media, largely, but also from those who they allow to influence their lives.
Published: 08/22/16

One gift primes the pump

In 2006, John got a job as director of human resources for Broward County Transit. We were living in Alabama at the time so the new job required us to move from Tuscaloosa to Coral Springs.
Published: 08/21/16

Home is where you make it

A few weeks ago, things changed for our family. We lived in a house that was too small for my wife and I, us both being over 6 feet tall and not on the dainty side.
Published: 08/20/16