A hot shower provides inspiration

Whether coming home from baseball practice, a baseball game or just a long day at school, I always follow the same routine when entering the house. I take my shoes off, look for a quick snack in the refrigerator, and then get ready to take a shower. There are usually two reasons I get in the shower. The first is that Iím dirty. Baseball certainly leaves its mark on me. I come home with grass stains, clay on my hands, and sweaty clothes. The second reason is that taking a shower has always been relaxing for me. Just sitting in the water clears my mind. Whatever the reason for entering the shower is, my routine once in is generally the same. I always turn the water to room temperature. Once it feels right (not too hot, not too cold) I get in. From there I make the water really hot. No matter what Iím doing, I hate the cold. I sleep with two blankets and drive to school with the heat on. In the shower itís no different. I make sure I can get in without burning myself, and then turn it up till Iím almost burning myself. In fact, I canít say that Iíve ever willingly taken a cold shower. Iíve often heard that most people have a shower ritual. For example, my dad told me that he always makes sure to wash his hair twice. The first time cleans all the dirt, and the second time gets his hair extra shiny. The irony in this is that my dad is bald. Still, he keeps this ritual every day. My ritual is to drink the shower water. As weird as it might sound, I always find that I have a full stomach when I get out due to the amount of water I drink.
Somewhere between washing my hair and body, and drinking water, I find time to do some of my best thinking in the shower. As the hot water runs through my hair, I contemplate the problems of the world. I try to solve world hunger and cure cancer. I plan diplomatic meetings with adversarial nations and practice a speech before the UN. Sometimes I even think about who will win each sporting event I plan to watch after I get out of the shower. The shower may be relaxing, but Iíve found that it does little to improve my accuracy as a sports analyst. Towards the end of my shower, I always do one of two things: think about my homework, or practice my American Idol audition. Usually itís the first option, as I always have a lot of homework. I try to plan out my work before I do it, that way I can more or less do it without thinking later. My parents know when I donít have homework, though, because they can hear my singing all throughout the house. Somehow, the accompaniment of the shower does wonders for my vocal ability. Most of the time, I sound like a turkey when I sing. In the shower, though, my voice suddenly become a nice mix of Stevie Wonder and Britney Spears. Upon turning the water off, my voice reverts back to its former level. Iíve often considered recording an album in the shower, but decided that it would take many more shower-thinking sessions to invent waterproof recording technology. Another thing I do in the shower is come up with my ideas for columns. Interestingly enough, though, the idea for this one came to me while eating a very dry sandwich.