A Mother’s Day tribute to my mom

Last year for Motherís Day, I wrote a column about the importance of mothers in our lives. I wrote about all mothers, including grandmothers, aunts, friendsí mothers, teachers and any dads or siblings who are mother figures. The column got several compliments from family and friends, but Iíve been waiting all year for the chance to write another, less-generalized Motherís Day column for my most important reader: my own mother. Let me start with a pretty bold statement: My mom, Anne Lang, is the kindest, most caring person I have ever met, and Iím not just saying that because Iím her son. Anyone who knows her knows the truth in this fact. With that being said, I am still awestruck by her thoughtfulness every day. Whether itís lunch money, gas money, food or her time, she always gives me what I need and always tries to give me what I want. Sheís the first person to ask me how my day was after school and infallibly tells me she loves me before she goes to bed. It may not be the coolest thing, but I guess I am a mommaís boy.
No matter what I do, my mom is always there to support me. Sheís traveled across the state following me to baseball and soccer games, sitting in the heat, rain and bugs just to watch me play. Youth sports require large commitments of time and money. My mom has always been willing to meet these requirements. Since Iíve never planned on going pro in any sport, all of this was for my own love of sports. My mom has always helped my success in school as well. She is very intelligent and was always available for help through elementary and middle school. Now that Iím in more advanced classes, she doesnít always know the things Iím studying, but she always offers to help me study however she can. She reads me flash cards, proofreads my essays, and helps me create attractive posters when necessary for a project. My handwriting is terrible, so I often ask her to write headings. She sometimes jokes that sheís only helping me so Iíll buy her a house when she gets older, but I know she just wants me to be successful. She knows Iíll buy her everything I can in the future. This column would be incomplete if I didnít mention my momís cooking. She knows my favorite foods, knows how I like them cooked and always makes enough to have leftovers the next day. Her best dishes are cinnamon toast, chicken and rice, chicken parmesan, stuffing and gravy and dolly dessert bars. I could eat only these items for the rest of my life and still be happy. She always wants to cook for me no matter how busy we are. Sometimes I have to remind her that I can feed myself too. If it was up to her, Iíd be eating her food all day long. My mother and I go to church together almost every Sunday, are the most dominate Spades partners in the Lang household and we both love the beach more than any place on earth. Sometimes we argue but never for more than a few minutes. I know she is always on my side and if she is ever mad at me it must be for my own good. I teach her about technology and American history, and she teaches me about patience and understanding. I may only have a year left until I leave for college, but Iíll always be close to my mom.