Downtown Sebring had a starring role Friday morning

Sebring received a lot of exposure Friday when a Tampa TV station spent four hours broadcasting from the downtown Circle, interviewing local folks and telling the cityís story. Judging by the public turnout it was a popular place to be. Fox 13 had prerecorded interviews as well as live interviews with local politicians, law enforcement, business folks, the chamber of commerce and plenty of regular folks to fill the air time. Even locals who couldnít be there were commenting about it on social media. Itís impossible to know if the four-hour morning show slot will bring anyone outside of Highlands County to Sebring, but it probably made some people curious. Sebring is so different than many parts of the state, retaining the small town feel without crawling with tourists like coastal areas. There are attractions here, though, and small town life is attractive to folks who are tired of crime and hustle and bustle. As much as we whine about U.S. 27 itís nothing compared to I-75 or I-4. Anyone caught in one of Orlandoís stop-and-go traffic snarls probably thinks U.S. 27 is empty most of the time.
Kudos to those who convinced Fox 13 to come here and highlight the place we call home. It was fun to see people we know having fun and cheering on their city, and even the lone protester sitting defiantly. Itís all part of what we see everyday and it made the day interesting. We hope a lot of good comes from the exposure. Going to the dogs? If you get a chance this week, check out the U.S. Police Canine Associationís Region I Field Trials. The competition highlighting some of the best police dogs in the country will be held at a few venues in Sebring, culminating into Thursday eveningís ďbest of the bestĒ display at Firemenís Field. These dogs are impressive and do amazing work every day for our law enforcement professionals. They find lost people, alert to hidden drugs and take down bad guys through years of constant training. The dogs in action in Sebring this week will demonstrate these skills at the highest levels. Events run Monday through Thursday and are free and open to the public from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Sports Complex, Sebring Regional Airport and the Sebring International Raceway. See page 2 for details. Hope you can make it out.