Same legislative nonsense alive and well

Some things never change, even when voters are sick and tired of the same old shenanigans regarding special interest groups getting special treatment with public funds. Weíve seen it happen on all levels of government and especially in the Florida Legislature. A couple of years ago, Department of Motor Vehicle registration fees were raised for all Floridians. It hit a lot of people hard. This year a state senator tried to do something about it, but it went down in flames. The Florida Senate passed a version of the bill that would roll back DMV registration fees for residents and pay for it by eliminating a longstanding tax credit for insurance companies. When the bill made it to the House, it died. Itís unbelievable that any politician can, with a straight face, look at Florida citizens and explain how that happened. Itís a perfect example of everything thatís wrong with our politicians. Instead of helping every Floridian decrease the cost of their vehicle registration, enough legislators decided to keep lining the pockets of insurance industry cronies who pump money into their campaigns.
Itís sickening that this kind of baloney keeps happening. Itís frustrating that more people donít stand up and scream at the top of their lungs at the absurdity of it all. Most importantly, itís highly doubtful the same legislators who let it die will be held accountable come election day. Where is the Tea Party on issues such as this? Why arenít they marching on Tallahassee about such things? Most of the legislators who are beholden to the Tea Party are the ones who helped out their good buddies in the insurance industry. Until these legislators are held accountable and not given a bye on such nonsense, it will continue - as it has always continued.