There’s a reason why we celebrate mothers today

No force in the world has more impact on a personís well-being than a motherís love. Thatís why the word itself is used to describe anything nurturing and of vital importance to life. Itís also why we celebrate mothers today, and why we should every day. Motherís Day is more than just a date on a calendar, itís also an opportunity to reflect on our lives, regardless of age, and consider the woman who brought us into this world, gave us comfort, love and continues to do so, and shaped so much of everything we are as human beings. Fathers, of course, play a vital role as well, but thereís no denying that no other single factor affects a person as much as the woman he or she calls mom. In rare instances that can be negative thing, but in most itís just the opposite. Being a mother doesnít require biology, though. Many great mothers fill that role who didnít give birth but gave all their love to raising a child, or even filled a void left by a mother who could not handle the situation.
So many troubled souls had childhoods where mothers were absent or not loving. That special bond sparked at the earliest hours of our lives and carried forward was broken for whatever reason. For those people itís our hope that someone, a father, grandmother, grandparent, sibling or whomever, stepped in to supply the nurturing. Itís vital to a personís happiness and ability to function sucessfully. Fathers know that although they bring critical and important elements of life to their children, itís the mothers who play the biggest roles, or at least should. Thereís an innate bond between a mother and child that is unbreakable and undeniable. In most cases, mothers are the warmth and security weaved into our souls. When we think of our most cherished childhood memories, moms typically play the central roles. They provide peace, empathy, compassion and lessons that lead us through the rest of our days. That doesnít mean moms are perfect, because they arenít, but many are as close as weíll ever know. Thatís why we celebrate Motherís Day today. To remember whatís most important in our lives and the women who have been there for us since our first breath. They are our safe harbor. Thatís magic found nowhere else in this life.