Letter to the editor

Biased column In reply to the Leonard Pitts column of Oct. 11: this man has his head far in the sand. For him to report that the Republicans are holding Americans hostage is so far from the truth that even CBS and NBC are disputing what Mr. Pitts is reporting. This one-sided media reporting is as some people call the "low information voters." The leading Republicans met with Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and others. They proposed increasing the debt limit, funding to keeping the parks open, paying military death benefits and paying veterans, but on the flip side wanted an equal amount of reduction in spending and the delaying of Obamacare for one year because it is not ready yet, and there is no taxpayer funding for the "Washington elite" - meaning our congressmen and senators and federal employees pay what we, the taxpayers, pay.
Obama, Reid and Pelosi said "no deal;" let the parks close. The American people are in favor of getting our House in order without increasing taxes, but our president says just because we raise the debt ceiling doesn't mean that our government will spend more money. His track record proves that's a lie. But what Leonard Pitts reports is a direct lie and he evidently is not in touch with reality, nor does he pay attention to current events as reported by both CBS and NBC, and they are biased. When Bush was president, yes, he ran up our national debt, but Obama has doubled our debt compared with all previous presidents combined. Call it like it is. I have studied Mr. Pitts' background and he is a very educated man, but stupid on current events. Ken Krug Sebring