Letter to the editor

Little Theatre Amen! Cultural tourism! Couldn't have said it better myself, Mr. Leavitt. But, no mention of Highlands Little Theater was an oversight. HLT not only provides year-round musical, drama and patriotic crowd-pleasing productions for the residents of Highlands County, but also gives special focus during the season for the tourists that come in increasing numbers. A side effect of these HLT efforts are the incredible summer youth opportunities to learn theater and all that it means to a well-rounded education. Aside to the Tourist Development Council, please take a good look at the HLT when passing out unused tax monies to promote tourism in Highlands County. Our faithful and very generous patrons could use some help supporting this worthwhile venue.
Ann Alhand HLT volunteer Sebring School woes My daughter is in Florida Virtual School due to my family no longer wanting to deal with Sun ‘n Lake Elementary School telling us that she was a failure and could not pass the FCAT. That year she scored four’s on the FCAT testing, no thanks to the school. I had to get tutoring for her from Kaplan Education in order to do what the school was supposed to do. Those who score a four are considered to be above the average student. She has been doing straight “A’s” in the two years since we pulled her out of SNL. On April 15, we had to take her to SNL for fifth grade FCATs. I’m not going to go into details, but when I went to pick my daughter up, I tried to politely give my cell phone information to the school’s point of contact. I was talked to rudely and in a very unprofessional way. I continued to be polite yet was dealt with as if I was scum of the earth. And people wonder why parents pull their children from schools in Highlands County. Derek Mitchell Sebring Speedy justice In my opinion, 95 percent of the murders that are committed would never happen if we had speedy trials and speedy executions. Furthermore, there should be only three classifications of murder: Justified, accidental and first degree. Here are my proposals: 1. Select a jury of 13 people from a hat with instructions to vote promptly after the trial with a simple majority ruling; 2. Allot a maximum of three days for the prosecution to present its case; 3. Allot a maximum of three days for the defense to present its case; 4. Allot one half day for the prosecution summary and one half day for defense summary; and 5. Within one hour after the trial, if at least three of a panel of five judges determine that no substantive error had occurred during the trial, execution should take place within the hour. Note that my proposals differ slightly from our present system of trial time, millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money used for years of appeals and the nearly universal method of execution being natural death. Jim Rahenkamp Avon Park