Letter to the editor

Raising children We can do everything possible to raise our children right and we can listen to all the right-wing politicians who want to return our society to good and healthy morals. Here's the problem with that. We live in a society based on profit and greed and, increasingly, nothing but profit and greed. Children are one of the most lucrative markets. Remember how television commercials used to portray a blond in a bikini on a Porsche to get swingin' successful men to buy one (the car, that is)? Now our great economic system targets children. Children are socialized on a daily basis through TV, music, movies, video games, cell phones, every cultural outlet that we don't build an impregnable firewall to tell our children with a wink-wink clever little device that sex is good and cool and if you aren't doing it, you just aren't okay.
Every year we send politicians to capital cities and Washington, D.C. that have campaigned on a conservative platform to return to morals. That's why so many people hate Democrats. They are seen as being complicit in the “progress” of immorality. They are, of course, and so are the Republicans. Protecting our children requires all but turning Amish or Taliban. Our children are bombarded. There is no regulation of our economic system that covers innocence. While out one side of their mouth conservatives speak of pure morals, family-values, chastity, celibacy, modesty and godliness, their actions license the demise of those qualities by corporate greed with no boundaries and no morals. Yes, liberals and progressives are absolutely to blame. They seem at times to be promoting decadence and depravity that mirror the Weimar-Germany days. But, conservatives and reactionaries (and churches themselves), campaign on exactly this type of issue, claiming to desire a return to a more “Christian-America” of the good old days. The truth is, the result of their sponsorship and support of unbridled profit and greed no matter what, is also to blame. What shall be done? Mike Pirkkala Avon Park