Letters to the editor

True history I thought by now the far left would finally see what they "hath wrought" with an incompetent, clueless administration but no, all problems great and small are still Bush's fault, Romney's fault, Republican obstructionists' fault, etc. ad nauseum - conveniently ignoring that for the last two years of the Bush administration and two years into Obama's both the House and Senate were completely controlled by the Democratic Party. The Senate has been strangled by "Happy Harry" Reid for the past eight years. He will not bring forward any bill that may make the Republican minority look good in any small way. Add this horrendous practice with an incompetent president, (witness Obama's first major act; the insane hairball called Obamacare as his only idea) and we are blessed with Benghazi lies, the IRS operating out of Obama's pocket, governmental spying on its citizens willy-nilly - even on reporters' homes, Obama's war on coal, war on oil, war on anything that his mentor, William Ayers, the convicted domestic terrorist says is evil. Telling minorities they are being exploited and are victims gains votes, but exactly how they are being exploited is anyone's guess. We have severe penalties today for the exploitation of anyone and rightly so. Obscure innuendo and a slick speech garner votes way quicker than facts and proof. Morality is for losers in this administration.
The President of the United States has to be a leader of all the people not a select few, a person with integrity above reproach. Obama? He wouldn't produce his birth certificate, school transcripts, etc. Harken back to George Bush when his college organizations were ridiculed, his military service completely skewed by the liberal press, but inquire about Obama's past and "racism!" is screamed from every liberal news organization in the country. They directly caused this debacle called "the Obama Administration" and will be held accountable in the true history of this great country. Charles Reynolds Sebring Horse slaughter I was glad to see that the U.S. House Appropriations Committee voted to pass an amendment that would save taxpayer money and halt efforts to bring horse slaughter plants to the U.S. soil. As a longtime resident of Sebring, I am even happier that U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney supported the amendment. I am a part of the 80 percent of Americans that is opposed to horse slaughter for human consumption. Horse slaughter is very cruel and unnecessary. Horses are exposed to hundreds of drugs that make their meat unsafe for human consumption. The shocking discovery of horse meat in beef products in the United Kingdom and other European countries shows that if it happens here we would run a risk of public health and the reputation of our agricultural industry just so a few people in the predatory horse slaughter industry can make money. I think Representative Rooney is the best for taking a stand for those of us in his district and all of America. Thanks, Representative Rooney, for caring. Gail Leavitt Sebring