Letters to the editor

Legal immigration In reply to Jim Rahenkamp's Highlands Today letter July 9: I remember in the late '40s and early '50s, my grandmother had to sponsor my relatives to come over to this country. That's the way it should be! So what happened - where did we go wrong? I feel we should agree with Mr. Rahenkamp for his proposal that we need an amendment stating "any unregistered person caught in the U.S. be permanently barred from citizenship." Judi Moriana
Sebring Single mothers The news media would have us believe that the American public is finding unwed mothers and gay marriage acceptable. That is far from the truth. Back in the '50s and '60s we had a name for those babies. Until our federal and state government puts a stop to the baby factories in this country that is putting a huge drain on the taxpayers, it will continue to be a big business. I was stationed at Glenview Illinois Naval Air Station in the early 1960s and during the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, Mayor Richard Daly, a Democrat, proposed that he would take steps to eliminate baby factories by compelling the mother to sign an affidavit that stated if she had two children when applying for benefits, she would not get benefits for more than those two children. When the proposal was made, the NAACP hollered race discrimination. Where have we heard that before? Mr. Daly responded that he meant for all races. Seven states in the United States now have such laws. I read the birth announcements in the Highlands Today on a regular basis and I find that some women must have immaculate conception, as no father is mentioned. She must be ashamed of the person that sired that child. As far as the children under age 16 giving birth, why are those males that fathered the baby not being brought up on rape charges? Anyone can check these facts - they are going on in every grocery store and drug store throughout our state. People are shopping with a full shopping cart with beer, wine, expensive cuts of meat, producing a food stamp debit card, paying no money and requesting $75 to $100 back. We are paying for this abuse. Ken Krug Hawthorne Scrub jay Talented Keith Goodson will paint a superb depiction of our Lake Placid natural area and wildlife on a wall of the Walgreen's building on the corner of U.S. 27 and Interlake Boulevard. It is certain to be an eye-catching rendition; however, it does not include our Florida scrub jay. Most of us will recall that because it was necessary to demolish some buildings that were on the Walgreen's site, we lost a beautiful painting of a scrub jay family that was on the wall of one of the buildings. Promises were made that a suitable substitute painting of a scrub jay would be rendered in the future. Apparently, this promise is not being kept. In my opinion, the competing drug store (CVS) directly across from Walgreen's, should have a mural painter copy the scrub jay family portrait (which was lost due to the demolition work) placed onto the north wall of their building to, in effect, indicate their concern for the threatened existence of our only endemic Florida bird. It is well to remember that our Board of County Commissioners declared the Florida scrub jay the Official Bird of Highlands County on Feb. 20, 1990. Hank Kowalski Past President, Highlands County Audubon Society Lake Placid