Letters to the editor

Simple math Why all the hoopla about the national debt? Just a little simple mathematics should calm the anxiety. If our nation will just live within our means, spend no more money than we take in and pay only $100 million per day on the national debt, in only 400 years we will be debt free. This is assuming that our creditors will forgive all interest on their loans. We should have a letter addressed to be opened only by our great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, grate, great, great, great grandchildren reading, "We had you in mind when we started fiscal responsibility." (This is figuring four generations each 100 years.) Jim Rahenkamp
Avon Park Animal control budget Commissoners, please do not cut the budget for animal control. I am speaking for the animals. Please give them what they deserve. CeCe Crane Sebring Weather questions I am having a hard time understanding this. We have had the fewest tornadoes in 60 years and now the slowest start to a hurricane season on record. What could cause this phenomenon? Is it global warming or is it climate change? Terry Collins Sebring Citizenship status I was born in Canada to American parents and moved to the U.S. while an infant. After high school, I explored county jobs and was told American citizenship was required. So I checked with the feds and learned I could choose U.S. citizenship. After a rather easy process that included swearing in, I was given naturalization papers. Later, in USAF boot camp, I was recruited for a variety of jobs that required top secret clearance which by regulation were limited to "natural born citizens." After a lot of back and forth between officers over several days, I was turned down for those jobs because I was a naturalized U.S. citizen. (I got a job with secret clearance.) My point is that it is certainly proper to question Canadian-born U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz's citizenship status should he run for vice president or president. As you can see, the "natural born" issue is not a petty one and has ramifications in other areas. Thus, it deserves clarification, not politicization. John Dyce Lorida