Letters to the editor

Where are the birds? I have been living in the Crossings at Sebring Ridge for 25 years. I am retired and enjoy gardening and working my yard every day. About a week ago, I noticed something was strangely different. All the birds had disappeared. Not a sound or sighting of any bird. I have always had birds, mockingbirds, blue jays, cardinals, woodpeckers and a variety of other birds I can't name. Now I sit on my deck for hours and not sight or hear one bird.
I called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and reported this to them. They didn't seem very concerned. They suggested maybe they have moved on to find a better food supply. I would like to know if anyone else in Highlands County has experienced this in their area. Charles H Wiggins Sebring National interests Do we really believe that the turmoil in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan are imminent threats to our freedom and national interests? The real threat to our freedom is from within. What is the average American concerned about? Jobs, the economy, healthcare, education for our children and grand children, retirement, Social Security, Medicare and what it will take to provide some sort of financial security for our loved ones. Big government has programs that have failed miserably in all of these aspects of our lives and is about to embark on what will be a train wreck of a healthcare program. The only success of these programs has been to create a politically regenerating welfare state, that those who have worked hard all their lives are paying for with increased taxes or reduced services. The head of our executive branch, President Obama, seems to pick and choose which laws he wants to enforce or not enforce or he simply makes up new ones through executive order to serve his political agenda. Our ineffective Congress is powerless to do anything about it. This makes the freedoms provided for in our Constitution meaningless. Our president has pushed his Socialist political agenda to the point of class warfare between those on welfare and those paying for it as well as, between black, white and Hispanics. The country is more divided now than I have ever seen and it scares me for our future. Given all of the above do you really think we can solve anything by lobbing a few missiles into Syria . I can't believe we are that naive to think this will protect our "national interests" John Booth Avon Park