Letters to the editor

Repeating history "It is not worth while to try to keep history from repeating itself, for man's character will always make the preventing of the repetitions impossible" - Mark Twain Governments after governments have gone under because of man's blunders. Our nation is no exception. We are slowly sliding into the abyss because we are thumbing our nose at the Constitution.
We are transferring property from one to another in defiance of the Constitution. Giving money to everyone without just compensation is in defiance of the Constitution. Does that promote the general welfare? Certainly, diversity is fine in the area of food, clothing, religion, etc., but when it comes to law and an economic system, it becomes a travesty. The Constitution is our law and competitive free enterprise is our economic system. If Mark Twain is right, then we might as well sit back and let nature take its course. Russell Errett Sebring Sebring tag office I was under the impression that the Sebring tag office - as a taxpayer-funded county facility - is lawfully obligated to be politically neutral in all its affairs. So I was a bit taken aback to see in its lobby recently a stack of the periodical American Patriot News, a news organ with an abjectly Tea Party point-of-view. Please don't get me wrong: I'm a firm believer both in the First Amendment and in the right of any private business to distribute or display pretty much anything it wants. But once again, the Sebring tag office is not a private business and its lawful obligation is to serve all of Highlands County without regard to political affiliation and without showing favor to any one political point-of-view or organization. I honestly don't see how this obligation can be met when it distributes a periodical with a very specific, abject political point-of-view - whether that political point-of-view is from the right or the left. Paul K. Ferrell Sebring Fluoride benefits Grand Rapids, Mich. was the first U.S. city to add fluoride in their water system. We lived north of Grand Rapids in Sparta and desired to have our children receive the benefits of fluoride, but was not available for us as we had our own well for water. Working with the Kent County Health Department with them providing the fluoride, I was able to set up and oversee a "Swish and Swizzle" program in the elementary schools. I have seen benefits for my own children's dental health, so realize it was very helpful. Thus, I would encourage Avon Park residents to promote reinstating fluoride in their water system as it certainly is an important ingredient for good dental health. Ardith Matthysse Lake Placid