Letters to the editor

Cut expenses When your expenses exceed your income, it is time to cut back and stop borrowing to cover expenses. The first default should be foreign aid ($200 billion over the last 10 years). The second default should be to stop paying to be the world's policeman. This means getting out of NATO and giving it over to the European Union, getting out of SEATO and giving it over to Japan and the Philippines, and finally, drop out of the UN where we pay everyone's dues. Unfortunately, the American people would rather cut Social Security and Medicare for themselves and add another couple of trillion to the debt of the future generations. I know this as a fact because they elected President Obama, Senator Nelson, Senator Rubio and Representative Rooney. These elected officials always prefer to please foreigners over Americans.
The only way these changes can be brought is if an organized group, like the Tea Party, goes to each state and passes a series of constitutional amendments starting with #28 currently passing around the Internet. Roy Loweke Sebring Private sector After reading in the Tribune and watching the TV news about the government shutdown, I've come to one conclusion: We taxpayers sure have a lot of government-related parasites mooching off our backs. If we taxpayers can get along okay without these moochers, maybe it's time to cut them loose so they can find out what it's like to live in the private sector. Let them find out what the real world is like. My favorite parasite was the young obese mommy I watched on the TV news. She complained because of the government shutdown her welfare money and food stamps were stopped and how was she supposed to feed her baby? Maybe she should have put her ego aside and thought about that fact before she even got pregnant. Why is it the taxpayer's responsibility to take care of people's kids anyway? That is mommy and daddy's problem, not the taxpayer's. Maybe the people who are against birth control can help this mommy out. I am 63 years old with health problems and still working. I'm very grateful to my understanding employer who keeps me working part-time so I can keep paying for my health insurance. My income was recently cut in half which was not at all my employer's fault. But that's life in the private sector. Jerry Nargelovic Sebring Brilliant stratagy Whether it was only President Obama's personal brilliance or the combined brilliance of him and his advisors, Obamacare as a first step is ingenious. Single payment as the first step would have never passed, even by his Democratic Congress. Obama faced a win-win situation: He stood to gain politically, as Republicans lose points by opposing Obamacare and Obamacare being a first step toward the single payment medical system. Obamacare will be such an extreme failure that most people will be ready for anything rather than Obamacare. Single payment medical system will be a simple method when compared to Obamacare. Jim Rahenkamp Avon Park