Letters to the editor

Parkway Phase 2 This letter concerns the story about the county planning on beginning Phase 3 of the Sebring Parkway next year. How about instead they finish Phase 2 from Youth Care Lane to U.S. 27? The infrastructure for Phase 2 appears to be complete: Railroad crossing, utility lines moved, homes in Francis 2 relocated. Seems silly to me to begin a new phase prior to completing the unfinished project that proceeded it. Alan Kent Sebring
Preschool education Every year, tens of millions of parents enroll their children in early childhood education programs. These programs vary widely, with some parents choosing religious academies and others choosing to enroll their children in subsidized low-income programs such as head start. The question is does early childhood education actually make a difference in terms of educational achievements? Parents often wonder why young children need to be enrolled in preschool. Some assume their kids are only learning basic letter and number concepts they feel they could easily teach themselves. However, research has proven and points to a greater need for mental stimulation between the ages of 2 to 5, as this is when children make the greatest gains in learning. According to some statistics, children build more complex skills from the basic foundational capabilities that are often taught in early development curriculum. Children placed in preschool programs are given greater opportunities to develop a wide range of skills - this better preparing them for additional challenges that will be presented in kindergarten. Children who have never attended preschool, who have never been introduced to basic fundamental skills, sometimes struggle to keep up and risk being incredibly far behind from the moment they begin grade school. Getting your child an early start is smart. Getting your child an early start to an awesome preschool is vitally important to their success and future. Gwendolynn Gordon Director Small World Learning Center Avon Park