Letters to the editor

Saunders is wrong

The article written by Debra Saunders, "Medicaid puts GOP in quandary," states, "Other GOP governors...Rick Scott of Florida - are taking advantage of the 'Obamacare' Medicaid terms.

This is not an accurate statement. Since when did Rick Scott decide to take advantage of the ACA Medicaid terms? Debra Saunders needs to be corrected.

Margery Jakubek


Much left unsaid

In Froma Harrop's column on 11/27, "The Value of Obamacare," she said that Obamacare was great for America because it had lowered healthcare costs, would lower premiums, would lower the deficit and repeated lies told by Obama and the Democrats to get themselves reelected in 2010.

She said this law curbed the rate of increase (not actual cost) of medical care, and would mean fatter paychecks for workers. She didn't mention that, with the exception of those to whom Obama has illegally given waivers and subsidies, most workers will pay far more for their healthcare (up to $2,500 more annually) than they did before Obama and the Democrats rammed this bill down our throats.

She didn't mention that because of this law, millions have lost their insurance and millions more are about to lose theirs. She didn't say that thousands of workers have lost their jobs and thousands more are about to lose theirs. She ignored the thousands who have had their hours cut and thousands more who will not be hired. Nor did she say that Obama and the Democrats would not have been reelected if they had not knowingly lied about this terrible bill.

She praised the "accountable care organizations" made up of doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare providers. She failed to say that one payment will be made for a person and all of those providers in these organizations will be left to fight over who gets what, which will force providers to cut services in order to be compensated.

She noted that this law is projected to cut $147 billion from the deficit by 2020, which is nothing compared to the $7 trillion Obama and the Democrats have already added to it and the trillions more this law will add.

Obama and the Democrats are now trying to delay full implementation of this piece of legislative trash until after the 2014 midterm elections. They hope that all of us who have been lied to will be stupid enough to reelect them. Never forget that the Democrats knowingly lied about this bill, and voted 100 percent for it.

The Rev. Fredric E. Jeans

Avon Park